Chanel Wallet's

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  1. I have recently fallen in love with a handful of Chanel wallets.:dothewave:
    I have a couple questions about Chanel Wallet.
    -Is the quality of the leather durable
    -Are they practical?
    -Is the WOC (Wallet Of Chain) worth getting
    -What Chanel Wallet do you have and how would you review it?

    If anyone of you lovely TPF Members could answer some questions I would really appreciate it. :ty:
  2. in terms of praciticality, it depends on what style of the wallet it is, how often ur gonna use the wallet and what kinda leather. Would definitely recommend a caviar cos it scratch proof and easier to clean as compared to a lambskin or other leathers
    You have to consider your purpose as well..
    For example if you like to just be handsfree and only having a wallet with you, then a WOC would be a great option.

    You can always source for a few styles to consider and then conduct a poll if you can't decide which you should get. ;)
    Just my two cents worth. Good Luck!
  3. I don't have any Chanel wallets other than the WOC. I think it's a great hands free option that can go day (messenger/shoulder bag) to night (clutch). However, I wouldn't use it as a wallet within another bag since the chain is added weight.
  4. I have a Chanel wallet but it is patent & has never gotten a scratch or anything! But like Clairekirsten said, if you go for a different material, the outcomes may be different. I personally wish I had a WOC like sneezz spoke of b/c you can get so much use out of it. I love all Chanel, as I assume most of us on here do ;), but I prefer the patent b/c it gives their products a mire casual feel & less worry. Oh, and it's a little less expensive....let us know what you buy in the end!
  5. I have a wallet in caviar (appologies, im not sure of the exact style) and I bought it almost 4 years ago!!! It still looks brand new and I still get plenty of compliments on it. I'm not in any way precious with my wallet; it gets thrown around in my bag, with brushes, pens, keys etc and it must have the wholesome sum of about 3 scratches! I still love it :smile:
  6. I'm in love with some wallets, too! Any photos or model numbers? I saw this larger wallet with a zip around zippers that costs more than the tri folds $(870) but I don't know what it looks like inside. Any info/style number/photos would help me out a lot in my decision making! Tia!!!! :smile:
  7. Hi! I recently bought a zip around wallet (Timeless version) and it was approx $850 and I know it comes in the quilted pattern as well. Is this the wallet style you were talking about?

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  8. I have four Chanel wallets and they are all beautiful. I have to say I wondered if lambskin would hold up to the daily use, as obviously you handle a purse quite a lot, but they are absolutely fine - I adore them :biggrin: The patent are beautiful, so easy to use and don't get scratched up at all :yes:

    I also have two WOCs - I thought they were the best bags ever, but have sadly had to have one repaired after only 2 weeks use, so at the present time, I am off of them a little bit ;)
  9. i have a lamb classic flap wallet that i love but is just starting to show signs of wear after almost 3 yrs...i would suggest caviar or patent for sure...i think you need a style that works for you...i have a classic caviar woc i havent used much - only when i need hands free...
    good luck deciding!
  10. what a beautiful Wallet :biggrin:
  11. thank you so much for your input,
    surprisingly I have heard that a lot about The WOC'S
    are they really that ... Fragile ?
  12. I have let go of my lambskin WOC and my lambskin wallets, as I do find they are prone to surface scratches and I just don't need the stress :smile: I currently have a patent zip pocket wallet, and 2 caviar WOC's. ADORE them all. Caviar or patent would be great choices. Good luck!
  13. totally recommend the woc! its so chic and stylish and is a wallet + bag! two in one really!
  14. I love my Chanel wallets. I get more compliments on the wallets than I do bags.
    I have a Camilla lambskin wallet that I do use and so far it is holding up fine. I do condition it regularly.
    Most people will get caviar as that is more durable.
    I know a lot use LV wallets. But I love my Chanel wallets
  15. I only have 2 WOC. One is distressed calf reissue and another one patent camellia. Both are a god-send to me. I have a baby girl who wants me to hold her almost all the time. ( wish I could wear her, but so far not working) so this is the best buys I made in life. It carry money, cards, IDs plus some space for coin pouch, lip balm, inhaler, and a pack of tissue. I can grab my money or card with one hand. I've been using them everyday. I use my reissue for six months straight without changing off. I stuff it so much I think the leather soften a bit. I even put the chain inside and throw it in my bigger bag and use it as a wallet. Now that I got a patent one, I retire the reissue. After six months of heavily use, the leather softened. I think the structure is also soften. Can't blame it though coz I admit I stuff it to the brim with sometimes add my iPhone and a lipstick and a little bit more. Still, it hold its shape.

    For the blue patent camellia, it feels a lot stiffer than the reissue and due to that stiffness, I think I put less in it. At least, so far my iPhone not yet in there with all the stuff. And I think after some rain on and since we live in tropical, maybe the color changes a bit. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. But it holds up great and I've been using it everyday for two months already.

    Oh... Just to add. Maybe coz the weight of stuff I carry inside, I think the flap part that touch the chain bend upward a bit. It only happen with the reissue one though. I'm not sure coz the leather is softer for that one or coz I carry less in the patent.

    So far I think WOC is a great bag and I'd recommend you to get the patent one in dark color to avoid color changing. If you want a wallet, put the chain in and throw it in your bag. I've been carry it as a wallet in both jumbo and 227 and still have some room left for other thing. No feedback on cavier WOC though since I don't have one. :smile:

    I'm also eyeing the extra large zip around cavier wallet. Too bad I don't wanna stop using my WOC so I guess I will have to pass. :smile: