Chanel Wallets

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  1. I just bought a red caviar bag--medium size, and I want a matching wallet. The bag is from a 2000 collection year though, so I doubt I'll find a matching companion. I currently have the LV Porte-Trésor International so I want something comparable in size. (and red of course)--and recommendations?
  2. there's a caviar wallet that is that exact shape/size, there's also a Paris*NY one in calfskin and Cambon LIgne has one as well.
    All are around $650. Chanel doesn't name their items though, not like LV.
  3. great advise, thanks. Unfortunately, I live in an area with NO shopping.. so I'm forced to call stores... in search of satisfying my habits! It helps when I know what to ask for.
  4. Tell them you want a long wallet. In caviar they have at least balck and the new for F/W antique brown color. If it's not very close to $650, it's not the right one ;)

    I'll be at CHanel in my NM tomorrow, I'll try and remember to look for you.

    I think they have about 6 or so credit card slots now. . . before they weren't very good about putting enough in there :sad:
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