Chanel Wallets

  1. Hey yall
    im sort of in need of a new wallet...
    my Dior Homme one, I dont know im just tired of it already I've had it since Christmas and it's just boring to me now.
    I'm a guy so I dont want anything too fem.
    but I mean, I carry a chanel cambon ipod holder, i just dont want anything super fem.. am i making sense?
    anyways, do yall know of any cool chanel wallets?
    not a long wallet, just a small foldable wallet i can put in my back pocket.. but something fun.
    thanks =]
  2. Ooh that's a good question. Well, I just got the Cotton Club wallet (small) yesterday. I haven't posted pics yet, but someone else has posted pics of theirs. I don't think it's too feminine, but that just IMO. You would have to make that call KWIM?
  3. sorry whats KWIM lol
    and post pics so i can see =]
  4. Here's a pic of Jill's Cotton Club Wallet in white. Mine is in black-but you get the idea. KWIM means Know What I Mean :smile:

  5. oh haha =P i think id like that in black =] is it pink inside.. lol