chanel wallets...

  1. hi everyone, it's easier to find out about the lines of handbags through this forum, but how in the world do I find out about the types of wallets/key holders chanel makes? i am desperately seeking a key holder and i found one on eBay from dgjeans seller that was reccomended, but it's bright blue and i wanted black or white to match my classics flaps. I also want a wallet b/c my credit cards and bills are scattered all over the place as i am still using my coach wristlet right now :sad:

    so any advice is appreciated and i would love to see pics and price info. thanks!

    p.s. i'm not sure if i posted in the right subforum, but i'm sure a helpful mod will move my thread to the right place. sorry beforehand~ :yes:
  2. There has been several threads started about Chanel wallets and small accessories. Do a search for wallets...Good luck!
  3. thanks~ will do right now.
  4. I was going to suggest the same thing as above...good luck!