chanel wallets...where the heck do i find em??

  1. I'm definitely getting a new wallet this weekend, just haven't decided on one yet. I'm looking at a few pradas, guccis, and LVs. I used to be all about LV but now that I've gotten a taste of all the luxurious leather out there, i'm not so crazy about the canvas thing now. What I really ideally want, however, is a chanel cambon wallet :drool: i'm a total noob when it comes to chanel, so i don't even know if it's still available anywhere? when i was at neiman's last weekend, at the chanel counter, i didn't see any. how do i go about finding one? is there somewhere where i can see the entire collection of chanel wallets or cambon wallets? I seem to be able to dig up info on collections on almost every designer online but not! where do i find these wallets? plz don't tell me eBay's my only option at this point.......:crybaby:
  2. I have the same issue, I've been trying to find a Chanel classic flap wallet in Caviar leather, but to no avail. No one has this ANYWHERE!
  3. If you are ever in Paris, they have various style of wallets there. Trays after trays of them. I saw the Cambons, cotton club, reissues, classic, etc...
  4. lol ack...! making a 3000 mile trip across the ocean for a then my SO will really think im nuts.
  5. There are definitely cambon wallets still available in the boutiques. I was just there today (in Toronto) and they had a bunch and told me they would be receiving the cambon line for a long time.
    So I would call the Chanel 888 number, not sure what it is, but they can help you locate one and have it delivered to your closest boutique. Or just try calling the stores you carry Chanel to see if they have any available.
    Good luck!
  6. ah, great. i will try all of those routes. is there somewhere where i can find a price list of chanel stuff? just wondering what the price range of wallets are, esp the it comparable to the other designer lines? like around 500?
  7. I'm not sure if there is an "official" place where you can find prices but if you go to the purse forum's Chanel reference library you might be able to get info there.
    I think the cambon wallets are around $500...I'm trying to convert Canadian to American hehe. I know that in Canada the regular wallet comes to about $700 with tax.
  8. The Charlotte NM had several wallets. Your best bet would be a Chanel boutique. wouldn't it be nice to have a complete catalog with current prices? For all the major designers actually, but esp. for Chanel because they aren't sold online like many brands.
  9. Check Sophia's eye candy thread...seriously...she has a lot of goodies!!
  10. My husband got me a Chanel wallet in black caviar to match my classic flap from Saks last month.