Chanel Wallets - Suggestions, Pics, Prices Please

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  1. hi ladies~
    i'm eagerly awaiting Selena's blush *yippee* and also contemplating what to get at the upcoming Saks event!

    I think i'm fairly certain about the black caviar GST but am also considering a wallet....

    The forum doesn't seem to have many chanel wallet info so I was just wondering if you ladies would post pics and info about your chanel wallets here!!!

    I saw someone had a card case to match her classic flap and it >$300 which sounded ideal since I don't usually carry around cash - only plastic - hehe!

    Ok, looking forward to your posts!!!!

    (oh, and if this post needs to be moved, please do so~)
  2. I have a black caviar wallet. It has 8 credit card slots and a zipped compartment for coins as well as plenty of pockets.
    The # on the tag reads... 07C A31509Y03616
    It was $545 not including tax.

    Here are a few pics of the wallet...
    Chanel 6.jpg IMG_1186.JPG IMG_1188.JPG
  3. We just recently had a long thread about wallets. Let me find the link for you.
  4. thanks Smooth and designer307 for your posts!

    These will provide precious reference!
  5. please join in the conversation via the link Monica provided, thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.