Chanel Wallets - don't you worry it will get beat up? rop

  1. so i ordered my first chanel wallet in caviar, and im worried to use it. A wallet gets so much daily wear and tear, what do you do? i feel like if i use it for everyday use - which is what i want it for... it will be beat up in no time... ??

    p.s. i got it in black caviar.. will post pics on tues/wed when it comes
  2. it should be fine, since it's caviar and black. i would be receiving my purple lambskin wallet soon, i don't know what i'm gonna do since i am no fan of lambskin ackkkks! but i am a fan of the plum purple.. hehe
  3. I had a Chanel wallet for a little less than a year and used it daily. It had almost NO signs of wear! I sold it recently and got close to what I paid for it originally. It wasn't caviar leather but it was another durable leather that Chanel has. To be honest, I wouldn't worry about it! Enjoy your wallet!
  4. Im using my lambskin daily, and no signs whatsover of wear, so you will have absolutely no problems at all using the caviar. Honestly, its a durable leather, and is just made to be used continually.

    Enjoy using your new wallet, it would be criminal to buy it and then be too scared to use it. It really will be fine :smile: