Chanel Wallet

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  1. Hi ladies :smile:

    How are you?

    I'd like to buy a Chanel wallet, could you plese supporting me with the choice showing the model you own?

    I'm thinking about a classic matelasse in black caviar... But I don't know which size is better for me...

    Probably I will use it during the day only, in fact when I carry clutches or small bag in the night usually I use a LV "pochette cles" to put money and credit card inside...

    Thank you in advance for every advise and pics,

  2. Hi, ladies.
    I just bought a Chanel lambskin wallet/organizer and I love it. It's big but I always carry too much stuff in my wallet so this one is a perfect one for my needs. I got it at Chanel boutique in NYC on 57th St for $1100.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390963951.763123.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390963966.363071.jpg

  3. Thank you so much Kseniak!!!
    It's gorgeus!!!
    Even if maybe it is a little bit too big for me...
    Does a Jumbo contain it?
  4. Hey there! I just got a CHANEL wallet in the dark pink. Here's a video review I did on it:

    I did an unboxing as well in other videos. The wallet cost me around $600 with the Saks 10% discount. I would say the con of this is that it doesn't have a snap closure or a zipper but it's beautiful and I don't regret it.
  5. One thing I don't like about the chanel wallets is the plastic zipper. I would get one but haven't find a design I like without plastic zipper. I have WOC that I love but always a little disappointed when I see the plastic zippers. LV has the best wallets in my opinion. Also make sure to get wallet in dark color I seen old wallets on reseller websites that look pretty beat up but darker color look better. I usually buy new but always look at old stuff to see how it holds up.
  6. It is gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy!!