Chanel Wallet

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  1. HI ladies

    Am looking for a chanel wallet but whenever I go to the boutique in Singapore , they dun have nice ones...

    Where can I order online ? And what's the price range like ?
    Hope to hear from u ladies soon...
    I need a new wallet before chinese new year ....

  2. Hi Crystal!
    I recently went to their boutique and asked if they have any new wallets coming out soon. I was looking for a caviar long wallet and my SA told me next month they will be coming out with one. He said that it will be around 850-875, if you want the lambskin wallet he says add another 100 to it. If you see any pretty wallets please let me know, because I am looking for one too!!
  3. crystal, I find the Valentine's series wallets very beautiful. Have you seen them? The SG boutique also have the camellia embossed wallets which I like too. I'm sorry but I don't know where to order online.

    bebyblue, the last time I asked (2 weeks ago), lambskin short wallet is around S$1,050. Long one is about S$1,150.
  4. Hi ladies

    Thanks for the reply . i have not seen e valentine's series , maybe i will drop by this fri to see ....
    Chanel wallet isnt that cheap huh .... I am willing to spend around 1k but not more than that unless e wallet is super nice

  5. Me too, I checked two weeks ago when i bought my GST and was looking for a matching wallet. Maybe my SA was giving me a good deal? :yahoo:
    He showed me the camellia wallet but I didn't ask for the price on that but all the others that he showed me, was in the 8-900 range.
  6. I got camelia wallet and it was either 675 or 695. Bloomindales has maybe they will ship to you good luck

  7. hi pls5, do you think i can still get the camelia wallet?!!

    what is Bloomindales?!! or where is it?! thanks
  8. I'm thinking of getting a Chanel Zip wallet, but I'm not really sure, because I've got an LV bag and I kinda want to get an LV zippy organiser with it. really unsure. apparently LV wallets are better, but I'd love something chnel
  9. I like the LV wallets, and they don't look old with time, especially the monograms. I bought a chanel wallet to match my purse, but I ended up buying a LV wallet also, because that's what I really wanted. I'm sorry to say that my Chanel wallet, already looks worn, after 1 month. I didn't get the lamb, I got the calf? yen holder with the camelia embossed on the corner-it's a long wallet and it was a good price-$460 without tax. I really wanted the caviar classic wallet, but checked a COUPLE of stores and nothing!