chanel wallet

  1. Hi everyone,
    My SA showed me a wallet that came in for the cruise line it looks exactly like the
    wallet from a few seasons back its long with a button closure and it had lambskin leather, the new one is exactly the same shape except the leather is more of a patent finish. Has anybody seen this, or knows the price?
  2. You should call your SA and ask for the price, or ask for the style number. :yes: There are so many similar Chanel wallets, it makes it hard to distinguish without pictures.
  3. Do you guys think its really worth it for a chanel wallet?
    i was in Canada recently at Holt Renfrew and the one that i was referring to in my first message was i believe 850.00, what do you think about the quality, durability..etc. its it really worth it?
  4. It sounds like the new colorful wallets made of llama skin. :wtf: My SA called me about this, but I passed.

  5. yes , thats exactly what they are, I remember them saying that it was llama skin
  6. i saw a green one, and black i was looking into the black
  7. Yes, it's llama skin and the long wallet is $850. Here are photos of the beige. I love the color; it's so rich, but I have to draw the line at llama skin. I have a hard enough time with lambskin. Llama is crossing the line, just like exotics.

  8. Ohhh, I saw this wallet in another thread, and I have to say, I just can't do llama skin, no matter how cute the wallet is! I love the style of the wallet though (the flap over one!)... I just want it in caviar! :p
  9. Does the flap over checkbook wallet come in caviar? I love the style and have 1 in lambskin that I'm terrified of using. My SA said she's had customers who had them for over a year of daily use and it still looks pristine, but I'm not convinced. LOL. Caviar would be so much better for me! Especially if it's metallic red!
  10. oh ...I love it!