chanel Wallet where to buy?

  1. Does anyone know where to get a Chanel Cambon wallet? Im not sure when this range came out. Is it available in the boutiques?
    If not is there any other way of purchasing besides ebay?

    i just think ebay is a very risky place to buy goods. after reading and looking at somany opinion on the chanel goods!
  2. which color?
    Most of the pinks and beiges are gone, but blacks are still available in most stores that carry Chanel.

    I'll move this to the Chanel Forum.
  3. Yup! i am looking for a black one. Do you know the retail price for the long wallet? not the zip one though. I've seen 2 types of the long one on ebay.. the most obvious difference is the CCs on the front of the wallet. one perpendicular to the longest length of the wallet and the otehr othe parallel. Im not sure but is the parallel version a fake? Because many many peiple say that the care booklet for the cambon line is the black one (envolope i think) while ALLLLLL the wallets parallel CC, has a golden border bookelt(the old one). but maybe some of the range in the cambon line is 'old'?
  4. The french wallet retailed for $565 before the price increase, so I'm guessing the long wallet was in the $650 range. It's probably around $675 now. Best of luck.
  5. Sorry, im not good with chanel.. what is the french wallet?
  6. It's a small bi-fold wallet that has an attached coin compartment.