Chanel Wallet vs LV wallet - advice needed


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Mar 18, 2009
Hi all,

I'm in the market for a new wallet. My LV just died after 6 years. I've been eyeing the Chanel ones. I love the black caviar and I have been looking at one that is $575 and another that is $795 (I just don't remember the names but I'm sure you Chanel experts know what I am talking about)
Anyway, my concern is that the leather on the interior is incredibly soft - it seems like it may scratch easily and that the credit card slots will get stretched out easily (this was actually starting to happen with my LV and I would find cards in my purse!)
I'm a busy mom so I'm pretty hard on wallet - it gets thrown around a lot. Any advice from folks who have had Chanel wallets? Should I just go back to getting another LV? Would appreciate any advice!!!
Thanks so much!!!

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Feb 17, 2006
42 all honesty.....i have more LV wallets than CHANEL because LV holds up WAY better wallet-wise.My Chanel wallet gets signs of wear too quickly while my LV wallets still look NEW


Dec 17, 2006
I have both. I love Chanel wallets. I have 3 of them and so far only have used 2 and no wear on them at all. If your gonna get an LV wallet , the Eugenie is my favorite. But I love the classic Chanel wallet. I want the new grey lambskin one. lol.


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Sep 26, 2006
I agree with Jill! I know this is the chanel forum (and I love my chanel wallets), but my LV wallets have held up better. I also love the extra compartments and slots on both the LV Sarah or Zippy Wallets. I'm impartial to the Vernis ones. ;) all honesty.....i have more LV wallets than CHANEL because LV holds up WAY better wallet-wise.My Chanel wallet gets signs of wear too quickly while my LV wallets still look NEW


Jan 23, 2007
I have both and I agree... if you're hard on your wallets LV will last A LOT longer. I love the look of Chanel wallets but always feel like I have to baby them a little (I mean, separate them from keys and etc), while LV wallets are virtually indestructible.
Nov 15, 2007
I don't have either (love Chanel, but I really want an LV wallet), but a woman I used to work with had an LV wallet that she had been using for 15+ years and it was still in great shape.


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Nov 20, 2007
i once used a mono pti for 4 years, and it still looked brand spankin new when i sold it (and at a 90% return!) i've been using a eugenie and it looks great, tho the buckle shows scratches. i love the look of chanel wallets too, but i think LV holds up better for something that's gonna be thrown around in your bag. i also once bought a chanel metallic goatskin wallet that to me smelled of spray paint or some other chemically smell, so it went back. i also love LV vernis for a pop of color, and i've been very happy with my vernis accessories, they hold up extremely well


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Jul 5, 2006
Thanks for starting this thread, I'm current using LV vernis wallet at the moment but really want a Chanel lambskin wallet..pretty sure the LV would hold up better than Chanel, but it doesnt stop me from wanting one..keke


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Mar 18, 2009
THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!! I knew I could count on you guys. Looks like it will be another LV - but that still doesn't stop me from wanting a Chanel - maybe further down the road. This would be my first Chanel purchase and I want something that will last for a bit. Maybe I should be thinking about a bag :smile:


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Aug 25, 2007
I have a couple of Chanel wallets and several Vuitton wallets and I also feel that Vuitton is the better choice ....I used my Chanel wallet for approx...1 month and to me it looked like something I had for 6 months...It showed markings from my credit card removal the leather showed wear from apparently just the day to day usage....So I may have a love for the handbags...but the wallets are not for me....Now reagarding the Vuitton wallets...I also now prefer the Vernis I am carrying the Zippy wallet in the pink patent...and for my fall treat I will purchase a new wallet in that fabulous shade of blue.... Good luck on your wallet hunting....and enjoy whichever wallet you choose....


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Oct 10, 2006
Too funny you posted this.......I have been wanting to ask this question too!! The last few years I have had LV wallets and now that I just bought a Chanel bag, I was drooling over the Chanel wallets but wondering how they hold up.