Chanel Wallet to treasure


Dec 10, 2006

I am looking for a wallet that can last frequent every day use. My agenda is getting too full to place my reward cards, bank card, and a few credit cards.

I'd like to get a wallet that could accommodate the cards, hold a checkbook, and possibly a passport and plane tickets. I have no preference for checkbook style, flap clasp, or zip around (although zip around may be more secure).

Of course this means going up from my beloved continental size. I already own several wallets on a chain, but would like to find something a bit smaller.

I own more than several Chanel lambskin bags and take excellent care of them - no scratches etc. and have the lambskin cambon agenda that I've used frequently in the past.

I've looked at the butterfly wallet (the zip around - my SA has the white one but I think it would show wear with frequent use), and the classic caviar.

I'm also looking at the checkbook style black patent embossed symbol one (precious symbols?) but am not sure how the patent would hold up.

There is also the metallic crackled? bow one, but I'm not sure if the metallic finish will peel away more easier since its crackled. I have the metallic medium reissue flap but it has the smooth finish and I haven't had any problems with that one.

I've never seen the classic quilted ones IRL, so I have no opinion on them.

I'd like you to hear what wallet you have that you use frequently (and length of time you've used it). Honest opinions on current wallets. And recommendations or regrets.

Thank you.

And yes I have seen the reference thread.


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