Chanel wallet. Thoughts on this as will be my first Chanel purchase

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    Hello, I saw this blue leather flap wallet and fell in love at Chanel. I'm thinking of buying it this weekend. It would be my first Chanel purchase. I wondered how the leather of the wallets holds up and thoughts on this wallet?
  2. I think it looks beautiful and the caviar leather is quite sturdy, I have found. Good luck deciding. :heart:
  3. It's so party, get it!! Caviar is very durable
  4. My SA in hawaii has that one for $915
  5. I love this!! The color is beautiful! I got the black in this exact wallet. It has been years that a larger wallet has caught my eye. I always use the smaller card cases, etc. I say go for it! It will def hold up!
  6. I have a few Chanel wallets and I have no problems with their leather. The caviar blue flap wallet is gorgeous and it should last for several years.
  7. I recommend Caviar for a wallet or any small leather good.. I have the caviar and its holding about so much nicer than my lambskin wallet.
  8. thanks so much for your thoughts everyone! I'm going to look at the wallet tomorrow and hopefully bring it home with me. I always get black wallets and this blue caught my eye. Would be my first non black wallet. Will let everyone know if I buy it :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. Gorgeous. Love it, do it!
  10. If you like the color, you abound get it. CHanes hasnt done such a beautiful bright blue for a while so it's a great opportunity. I have the classic m/l bag in this leather & color (using it today actually) absolutely love it and it's very durable. More durable than the typical seasonal caviar. Have fun shopping tomorrow!
  11. Gorgeous!! Love the shade of blue!! Get it!!