Chanel wallet stolen due to pickpocketing!

  1. I'm heartbroken especially since I know it is in a bin or on the street somewhere. I don't know which line but it was black, quilted and had a little pocket on the outside for easy access to my train ticket. The inside was like a maroon/brown? Regardless, I need a new one. Any suggestions?
  2. So sorry to hear that, I hope you did not lose anything too personal. The wallet can always be replaced, prehaps you should look at the Chanel forum under the Accessories section and the thread started by Sophie called ' Chanel eye candy...' as there are tonnes of photos of Chanel wallets
  3. so sorry - I empathize. Do not worry. Hope everything is replaceable. I do not know the style though.

  4. So Sorry, This Happened To Me To But It Was My Fav Gucci Wallet That Was Stolen, It Sucks I Know.
  5. sorry this happened, I'm glad you were not hurt though.
  6. sorry to hear that but how did that happen?
  7. Great scott, thieves are beginning to know the good stuff from the crap. Not good. We must tighten up and be a lot more vigilant not only with our goods but with ourselves. Get a good grip, batten down the zippers, snaps and don't daydream when you're out and about. Stay in the moment and be aware, walk with confidence --whatever it takes to fend off the fiends!!!

    Am glad you are unhurt and know your pain first hand, sorry to say. Another suggestion, do not carry all your credit cards all the time. Take only what you need that day, so if something happens, you have a lot less calling to do.
  8. Oh, I feel so bad for you. What a hassle, beyond the heartache of having something stolen you love. :sad:
  9. I used to have the one in post 15 in the Eye Candy thread. So cheesed off right now.

    Thankful I'm not hurt and that it was merely pickpocketing.

    When I was getting on the LUAS yesterday I felt someone push against me and I tried to avoid a pram. That is when it happened. Fortunately, just the wallet and not the Paris Biaritz totebag, too! The worst part is all my identification and immigration stuff was in it. Sigh. Oh, well.

    Thanks for all the posts ladies. Going to Chanel later to look around.

    Oh, I reported it to Chanel (had the authenticity card number) so if anyone brings it in to be cleaned or for authentification, well, at least they'll know it's stolen!
  10. OMG! I feel so sorry for you!!!
    I hope the new wallet will bring you more joy!

    Btw..these days thiefs are getting more they're targetting on (wo)men and their cars..they'll just open the door when you stop for a trafficlight and grab your purse...seriously..I never use to pay attention to locking my doors when i'm driving..but now I do. My car does that automaticly thank god....
    So ladies, beware!
  11. ^ITA....The wallet can be replaced....YOU can't!!!! Good luck w/ finding a new one...soooooo sorry this happened to you...try and put it behind you ...HUGS!!!
  12. Hapa, so sorry about your experience. It's a yucky feeling.
  13. I am so sorry, that is horrible, but at least your okay.
  14. Aaawww...sorry that this happened to you... :sad:

    Glad that you're OK though...the wallet and ID can be replaced... ;)