Chanel Wallet Price Increase?

  1. I purchased the chanel wallet below from Saks today in black caviar leather and the price was $650. I had seen this wallet just a day or two ago for $565 (although not in black). I grabbed it because I was in a rush and it was the only one, but now I am wondering if this is the right price. The tag says wallet/purse/small leather/black. Does anyone know if this is the right price? If so, has there been an increae, or is there a premium for the black leather?
  2. I'm not sure if the price of this particular wallet is increased. But it used to happen to me a few times with Chanel wallet and bag. The price tag showed one price, but when SA scanned the bar code, it showed another price in the database. I can't remember the exact price I paid for wallet. But it's something like the price tag was $650, but I was charged $695.

    You can call your SA and ask her about your concern. Or you can call Chanel boutique, and give them a style number printed on the price tag to see what a current price of your wallet is.