Chanel Wallet on the chain...worth to buy at this price

  1. a friend just email me the pic of the classic cc Chanel wallet on the is pretty wide , but it is like a clutch-wallet - messager bag due to the chain you can wear it across the body. The style is similar to LV zippy wallet. I want to know if this is worth to purchase or not the price is 1295 for the old cavair leather and the new leather is actually cheaper 1175.00. Cannot justify to spend that much on a clutch/wallet, for this price is equal to the pst. but it is cute. Please help!!!!

    please let me know what your thoughts are on this.
  2. yes, here's why:
    -you can double the chain and wear it as a little evening bag on your
    -you can triple the chain and carry it as a little clutch
    -you can wear it messenger style
  3. Swanky, do you own this clutch-wallet? It is so cute...
    Do you think the continental is more practical or this one? Swamky. which one will you pick-continental style or this one?

    anyone else own this one? come on keep this post going!!!!
  4. I have the black timeless classic WOC and I absolutely love it. I have three chanel bags and the WOC (although the smallest bag) is my favourite for the reaons swanky already gave above...

    You can also tuck the chain in completely for a clutch and use it as a wallet within a bigger bag.

    You can fit a surprisingly large amount of stuff in there as well (due to you not needing to fit a wallet into it) - I can carry my credit cards, change, lipstick, ipod, blackberry phone and car keys!

    I love it so much, I am considering a metallic reissue WOC for my next chanel purchase :smile:
  5. I don't have it. . . yet! I fully plan on buying one before our next vacay in Italy this May.

    What's a "continental"?
  6. continental wallet it a big wider and it has more credit card slots. similar to the regular wallet.
  7. like a long zippered wallet?

    I have one, from the PNY Ligne, a WoC is FAAAR more practical if you wnt it to be more than just a wallet.
  8. I just bought a gorgeous navy reissue WOC at NM ~ will post pics soon... couldn't afford to get another reissue so this was a nice compromise i thought :biggrin: oh and i had a $250 GC that i used to get it!
  9. I don't have one, but I plan on getting one! It seems like more than just a wallet - very versatile!
  10. I want one sooo bad!!! I think its sooo worth it and it looks so cute worn cross body.
  11. skim, what was the price? I'm getting one for my Italy trip and need to plan for it! LOL!
  12. Swanky, the black with CC is 1295, the wash caviar in brown is 1175.00
    My SA is holding on for me since you gals have said so many good things about it.
    Cannot wait to see in person.
  13. It's small but adorable. I have one in red and love it.
  14. Im also deciding to get one but Im having a hard time choosing between the black classic woc and dark silver reissue woc. Could you please help me? Thanks!
  15. ^ I think it depends what your needs are as to which one is a better purchase for you. I really like the reissue WOC for spicing up an outfit for a night out. I think the caviar one is much more versatile in terms of being able to use it for formal events, a night out, work etc without it being too flashy, it's classic and it will match everything.