Chanel wallet on a chain please help me choose!!!

  1. My b/f just bought this wallet on a chain in a 'grayish silver" i'm not sure what the color is called, but I don't know if I should exchange it for a black metalic color. Please help me decide if i should keep it or exchange it.
  2. Can you post pics? Black sounds more appealing than gray...but I'd have to see what kind of gray we're talking about.
  3. :wlae:sorry taking so long to post the pic up...will here is the bag.
    Picture 2.jpg Picture 001.jpg
  4. Thats a hard decision. If I couldnt keep both, I'd go with the black. You'll be able to wear it more often. It'll match more outfits.
  5. i love the silver, i think it's very different. i was deciding between metallic black and dark silver for my wallet and picked dark silver in the end. you can always get a black bag from somewhere else but i think silver is unique. :smile:
  6. WoW! That dark silver is gorgeous! I was looking for that last week and the SA said it was sold out. I'd keep that over black, but I have a lot of black bags that a black wallet would disappear in. Depends on what other bags you have I think?
  7. I'd keep the dark silver. It's a bit more special :heart:
  8. Oooh, this is a keeper!! Could you show some modelling pics!! pretty pretty...
  9. Oh! It's pretty!!! Why is it called wallet on a chain? Is it as small as a wallet? Or as many compartments as a wallet should have?

    The color is also gorgeous!!!
  10. Oooooooh! WHERE did you get that color!!! Ah! I only found black for the wallet on a chain that I have. I :heart: mine. It is sooooo cute!
    I would keep the silver!!!
  11. Oh...It's really Nice!! I love the silver!! If you don't mind....May I know where you bought it & How much is it now? Thanks!!! :tup:
  12. That silver is gorgeous and different!
  13. I think silver is abit more unusual, also, your lovely partner chose it for you, so its extra special :biggrin:

    congrats, such a cute bag :biggrin:
  14. I bought myself the dk silver metallic WOC and absolutely love it. Yours is amazing and I would keep that rather than get a black wallet - it's special because your BF got it for you, not too flashy, and different. Congratulations!
  15. the color is not bad. better than i thought but if you are having doubt then change it. met black is equally nice