Chanel Wallet on a Chain - please help a UK buyer!

  1. Hello
    I live in Burnley, near Manchester and my nearest Chanel is the one in Selfridges, Manchester.

    I really want to buy a chanel wallet on a chain - having looked at pictures of them in another thread on the chanel main forum. It is the quilted version with the two little CCs on the front.

    I have seen the lambskin version (which is approx £700) in Selfridges - but they dont have any stock at the moment. That was gorgeous but I have also seen US pics of a metallic lambskin version which is absolutely gorgeous.

    Has anyone recently seen this version in a chanel shop in the UK? Or have you just seen the black lambskin version. Does anyone know if it comes in any other colours?

    Your help would be much appreciated!! And if anyone has one, please post pics so I can drool over it until I manage to track one down!! Thanks
  2. here you go. i purchased this from the sf chanel store way back in september. i think it was $1350? the price might have gone up since.


  3. i'm sorry i can't be of much help, but missisa07 has one and she posted them here:



    Perhaps you could get the reference number/sku number of it from her or anyone else who has the wallet on chain and then ring up the chanel in Manchester to get them to do a search. I used to be up in Sheffield and before there was a chanel in Manchester, I'd ring up the chanel in London (specifically the Brompton Street branch) and a very helpful male SA there did a Europe-wide search for me (and as far as I know, they can get the other branches in Europe to bring it into London/UK).
  4. OMG OMG I soooo want one!! They are so nice. I love the silver one... is it lambskin? Does it scratch very easily? What can you easily fit into it? Where and when do you use it?

    I am new to this forum and not quite sure how to contact individuals - whilst I work out how to do this - could anyone give me model number? I will ring up chanel in london as suggested and see if they can locate one for me.

    The selfridges in manchester SAs arent that helpful. I rang an SA earlier today and she made so many mistakes just taking down my phone number, that I dont hold out much hope that I will ever get a call back from her!!!!

    Anyone else with one - please post your pics. I need more fixes of this beautiful purse!!!
  5. hi neenabengal1, you can just drop the members a PM! the PM/Inbox is by the top right hand corner where it says, "Welcome, ........" and then there's a link for "Private Messages". just head on over to your PM and compose a message to the member by typing their member name in the "To:" box. Hope that helps! :yes:
  6. Thanks zerodross!