chanel wallet for around $300??

  1. Is it possible to get a small, everyday chanel wallet for around $300-$350?


    i'll be shopping in NYC btw
  2. mmm, as far as I know, you can only get a credit card holder for that amount.
  3. oh ok mmmmm

    sounds like an everyday chanel wallet is out of my budget lol
  4. maybe eBay? =] but i must say the wallet holders are super cute! :heart: and i think there is one type of chanel wallet that is really not that expensive. it has a little chanel button on it...i'll see if i can try to find the picture for u...
  5. thatd be awesome thanks

    I need something that will hold some cash, an ID, and 1-2 business cards/non credit card cards
  6. ok i found this on eBay haha and i know they have a compact version of this wallet as well, i remember it being around 300 for sure, but that was back in august...since its still not november the price is probably still the same. do any girls on the forum own this? im sure they can tell u much more! i don't even know the name..button wallet?
  7. The small Cambon wallet is $475 and holds what you need. You would have to fold your bills. It's a really cute wallet! Beware of eBay; 99.9% of the wallets are fake. I check the listings daily!
  8. If you do decide to turn to ebay, make sure you post to the "Authenticate this" thread. Sometimes its hard to tell if something is fake...there are some really good fakes on ebay!
  9. I recently purchased the cutest small black caviar wallet at NM for $330! I guess it's more like what Chanel would call a cardholder, but not really, because it fits cash (folded up)/license/credit cards, etc. just perfectly! :heart: Here is a pic (sorry about my ring on top haha) :smile::

    I believe I saw one at the NM I shop at a week or so ago... the number is 914-428-2000, ext. 2517 and you can ask for Eileen in Chanel... please tell her Minal sent you. :heart:
  10. OHHH i LOVE that! :heart: i know what to use my egc on now...=] oh and as for the ebay picture i posted, it was just reference for how it looks like i wasn't asking u to bid on that specific one! beware of ebay like the girls said!
  11. The smaller version is now $475
  12. Minal, I can't believe that wallet was "only" 330! You lucky girl.
  13. Haha, I know Sheana...when you think wallet + Chanel you think at least $500-600! :nuts: It's the perfect size for my flaps though... I love it! :heart:

  14. I haven't seen any in that price range. You could get the small cambon for a little bit more. Possibly, on ebay you might find something.

    Good luck.
  15. i recommend the card holders. they are super cute! and functional.