Chanel wallet advice

  1. I am new to Chanel and would like a wallet. I usually carry a checkbook, ID , 3 cc's, cash, & change. Any suggestions on a good wallet for me? Thanks!!
  2. I loooove the Camellia wallet. :yes: It comes in three sizes, but this is the checkbook size.

  3. I was looking at wallets last week. I'm used to more of the french purse size bifold wallet, but I ended up getting a classic CC wallet with snap (browse pics in the reference library subforum). The continental wallets allow you to carry your checkbook and register so that might be an option...however you'll likely have empty credit card slots if you only carry 3 CCs.

    I love the classic quilted wallets but couldn't locate in time for NM double points :crybaby: I'm planning on having many more anyway LOL so it's just a matter of time!