Chanel Waitlist

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  1. Any idea what the likelihood of me scoring the new Chanel 19 Maxi if I'm #6 on the wait list? Wasn't sure how often the bags come in. And how many they get when they do come in? Just would appreciate any tips or pointers on this. I live in NC with not a Chanel boutique in sight. I usually purchaser from Nemins...and I of course can't be added to a wait list at any boutiques because I've never actually been in the store to purchase. frustrating. I'm literally obsessed with this bag...almost bought a pre-loved one on eBay but I just don't trust it...especially when I'm potentially dropping $6k. Advice is appreciated. Thank you Muah* XOXO
  2. As far as I can tell, maxi Chanel 19 are high in demand, but not nearly as high as the small or the large. Depending on what color you want, I think you don’t have to wait too long :amuse:
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  3. Have you tried Saks? I know the Saks in Bala Cynwd, Phoenix, and Naples Fl are not leased so you can buy without being in store. Bala usually has great inventory.
  4. You're awesome. Thanks for the response.
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  5. No but I will look into those. Thank you for the tip :smile:
  6. I was told by a Chanel boutique that last season each store only got a total a 6 chanel 19 but in March they are all getting 15 or more. Don’t know if he means across sizes and colors but seems very likely for you!
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  7. Good to know. Thank you for your response. Do you think this is boutiques only? Or Nemins and Saks as well?