Chanel waist bags

  1. I recalled reading a post in the 'handbags and purses' section and someone mentioned chanel made some waist bags/belt bags. Does anyone own one? If so, may you post some pics? I didn't know chanel made waist bags until now.. so i'm curious as of what they look like! thanks in advance
  2. there is a cambon wasit bag that is around $1500USD. It looks like a make-up artist's bag or an oversized gucci waistbag imo! but it is cute!
  3. i just bought one from a friend! it's black but kinda metallic/silver-y.. it has the chanel logo stitched in front :yes: here's a pic of it together with my cambon pochette :smile:
  4. Congrats on your purChase! it look very Cute!!! thanks for sharing
  5. didn't notice the price, but there's one at NM, in Plano, TX as of right now.
  6. Blech!!! I hate fanny packs! Gucci does them, too, but I still hate them! Why accentuate what, for most women, is the widest part of the body??? Ick-o!!!
  7. Maybe because some of us LIKE THEM! LOL!

    Actually, not everyone has big hips or a big butt and some of us have children that like to go to Disney and other places where you can't carry a handbag.

    Some people like them, some don't:shrugs: who cares. . .
    oddly, I was stopped about 6 times over 3 days at WDW asking where I got my Gucci belt bag. I never would've pictured myself buying a designer belt bag but it was PERFECT for a trip to Disney!
  8. oh thank you everyone! since I last posted in this thread, I have purchased a Gucci waist bag which I am in love with. I have a toddler so it's so great to be hand-free and not worry about getting my bag dirty. I am also drooling over that cambon waist bag but I think it's a bit too big for me.
  9. ^that's what I bought and for same reason!
  10. I also have the Gucci waist bag, used it again yesterday and love it! Went to a fair all day, it lies flat (and actually covers my tummy) and holds just what I need and I don't have to carry it or put it down anywhere - it's perfect for days like that!
  11. I know why they're popular--I admit they're very convenient. But it's just my own taste, that's all. If it looks great on you, then that's what matters! Enjoy your bag, whatever it is!!!
  12. If I had kids, I would definitely want to be hands free.