Chanel w/GOLD chains...other than flap, GST & PST anything else w/GOLD chains?

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  1. Other than the GST, PST, and flap bags, does anything currently come with GOLD rather than Silver chains? What about the new bags for fall?
    I usually wear yellow gold jewelry (except in more formal occasions when it's platinum/diamonds) and I don't like the way this looks with the silver hardware on the bags.
    I really wish Chanel made a "metallic black" chain that would go with both yellow and white gold jewelry.

    Thank you for any ideas.
  2. the "metallic black" chain you probably mean is ruthenium hardware. It's a nice neutral color because it's made from a precious metal. it's found in the Diamond Shine Ligne, the Luxury Ligne, Vintage Ligne.. to name a few. The new hardware Chanel launched for SS 2007 to me looks very cheap and tacky, very shiny Nickel hardware in the new chain flaps.
  3. The Cruise patent reissue in Navy and patent black came in gold hardware.
  5. My vintage totes and hobos have gold HW... but there really has been nothing with gold HW lately. Anything I have bought recently, other than the flaps, have silver HW.

    I always wear yellow gold jewelry, so I love gold HW on my bags... or no coloured HW... that would be even better! There's a lot of bling going on, if my bag has shiny gold HW and so do my earrings, bracelets, etc.

    Bottega Veneta kindly leaves out any coloured metal HW... I love that.

    I don't think Chanel is going back to gold for another few seasons. This spring was even worse because the silver was bright and shiny as opposed to fall, when the silver is more blackened. I've seen the lookbook for this fall and everything is silver. I'm considering the Pocket In The City, Sharpey, Cabas, Luxury and Patchwork... all silver! :sad:

    We'll be on the lookout for each other. If we see anything with gold... we'll let each other know! :yes:
  6. I bet I'm the only one who remembers Bottega's ads where "your own initals are enough"
    OK, I'll let you know what I find and hear too!:yes:
  7. Jayne,
    In the regular Chanel forum (not shopping one) there's pics of the new fall bags made of jersey, with croc indentations (patterns) @ 2000 euros, in wild bright colors. From the description it translates as "golden chains" but definitely not a bag I want. I don't know how to link, but The thread is Ever seen these? Prepare your wallets.
  8. Of course I remember! :yes: I still own some original Bottegas from that decade. They are not useable, (leather really doesn't last forever, once it's been really used) but I can't throw them away. One of mine had a huge feature in Vogue, back when Vogue was still relevant, and they showed items after they arrived in stores. I bought mine before it was shown in Vogue.

    This is what I've seen with gold HW -- some 2.55's, Cocos Croco, Perfect Day, 2.55 Pearls and Exotics with gold chains. But I want a big, black leather tote/hobo. I haven't seen any. The Rock looks gold in the pictures, but I saw it at the store and it's silver. And kind of ugly.

    I'll keep looking! :yes:
  9. OMG - I thought I was the only one who is still after gold hardware on bags. Same with most of the ladies here, I wear mostly gold jewelry and hate mixing metals with silver hardwared bags. Liked a couple of bags for the upcoming season but turned off with the silver hardware. To me Chanel does not look the same with silver hardware - (no offence to anyone)....
  11. Someone just made a thread about the red Rock & Chain flap. It's red and has three gold chains. I know it's a "flap", but it's not the evening bag type of flap.
  12. The Bubble Quilt collection has gold hardware.
  13. Hi absolutanne, I just bought 2007 metallic lambskin eastwest with ruthenium hardware. I don't see the hardware looks cheap. Maybe it looks more shiny Nickel as you said but in lookbook the term they use for this hardware is ruthenium. If you're right then Chanel lied to customers?

    BTW, I don't like the look of silver or pewter so this hardware is better option for me :smile:
  14. Hi absolutanne, may I ask what flap with ruthenium (or shiny nickel) did you see for 2007? I've seen ruthenium only on the black metallic lambskin eastwest bag that I bought. It's not like the type of hardware you can see it often. I am not sure we are talking about the same type of hardware. TIA.
  15. I google to learn more on these chemical elements ruthenium and nickel and guess what. Nickel causes skin rash.

    Oh gosh, my skin is very sensitive. If absolutanne is right and I get skin rash from wearing this so-called ruthenium chain bag, I'll sue Chanel... LOL.....