Chanel vs YSL college bag? (Pics)

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Which bag should I KEEP?

  1. Chanel

    38 vote(s)
  2. YSL

    4 vote(s)
  1. Another post from me, my last one was Chanel vs YSL envelope bag. But now I’m wondering which to keep between Chanel black medium classic flap or YSL college bag?

    The college bag has really nice leather, it feels heavier and more substantial (in a good way - feels good quality and not light and flimsy) and it has a long chain so easily worn cross body. It was also £1422 compared to the Chanel which was £2700
    On the downside it’s definitely more of a casual bag and doesn’t really look right with dressier outfits. The chain isn’t adjustable (but does come off) and it’s quite long when worn on the shoulder and not cross body. I’m also worried the bag might lose shape over time as the leather is a bit squishy. I hate bags that don’t have structure.

    The Chanel bag is a classic and I feel this could be my only chance to own one due to the price increases (I could afford one but I wouldn’t be able to justify it) but when it arrived I wasn’t head over heels in love with it. The quality wasn’t as amazing as I anticipated, the bag feels quite light weight. And I thought the leather looks a bit shiny and plastic like and maybe looks a bit old fashioned on me. But I do love how it looks when I’m wearing it. Bit short cross body though

    which do you think I should keep? Please excuse my lockdown loungewear! I do dress nicely sometimes...

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  2. Love the Chanel on you! May I ask how tall you are?
  3. I think it's hard not to recommend that Chanel - especially with the price you got it for and the current price increase. However, I think you love the YSLs more based on you posts and ultimately you should go with what YOU love. Between the 2 YSLs, I prefer the College - the leather looks fabulous and it's less busy than the other YSL which looks even more formal than the Chanel imo.

    Bottom line though - if price where no issue - I think you'd really like a chevron Chanel classic....that's what I prefer too ;)
  4. Thank you! I’m 5 ft 6in
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  5. I think it’s so hard as I love different aspects of them all. But I actually think you’ve found the perfect solution, I think the Chanel in chevron would be my dream bag!
    I would never buy one new though as I couldn’t justify the price, and I never see them preloved? Do they come up often?
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  6. I sense your having a bit of analysis paralysis. I suggest you think about the minutia less and just go with what you feel. To me it’s a no brained that the Chanel is better than the YSL and you should keep it but at the end of the day, if you aren’t going to reach for it, what’s the point?
  7. In my opinion the Chanel looks much nicer on you! I like the idea of lightweight bags because they are only going to get heavier once you fill them with your stuff. A bag that already feels substantial before you place your belongings in it will feel way heavier, especially after several hours of carrying the bag. I do feel that my M/L gets heavy after a day of use, even though I hardly ever fill it with much...

    One thing I'd say against the Chanel is the double flap, which I find very difficult to get in and out of. For that reason, I don't use my double flap much and so would suggest you see how much this would bother you.

    Hope this helps! All the best with deciding.
  8. I would keep the Chanel but only if you love it. It looks amazing on you!! If I’m out and about I don’t close the double flap because as others have said it can be annoying to open and close.
  9. Keep Chanel of course! Besides, it has more resale value than the YSL :smile:
  10. I just can't answer anymore, because of the price increase I am so biased. Keep the Chanel or keep both because they are different. Or just let me know if you decide on selling the Chanel, I pinky promise I will love the bag to death.
  11. The Chanel! It's so perfect on you! But...just because we say so, the one that will look best on you is the one that makes you happy to wear, because you will wear it more than one you feel you "should" love. OR if you can, keep both and time will tell you which one you love more
  12. Chanel looks great on you!
  13. Yes, I do see them pre-loved....especially the reissue!
  14. Please keep the Chanel! Or both but don’t let that super classic (with constant price increases) go!
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  15. I had that ysl bag and the chain was so annoying!
    I would choose Chanel for sure, it is a classic!