Chanel vs LV

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  1. Hi everybody. my mum's birthday is around the corner so i wanted to buy something nice for her. I wanted to buy her a new purse but i dont really know much about designers stuff.( i'm a guy & i'm 21) so i appreciate if u guys can help me out here. she's been using the same ferragamo purse for the past 15 more years & i felt sorry for her cause the purse is in a really really bad shape. i've been saving up to buy myself a new watch but the watch can wait. so i've been doing some research & i found louis vuitton monogram vernis international wallet in amarante & chanel black caviar long wallet. which one of this u think suits my mum best? she's turning 53 this year. or any other wallet u have in mind? pls do let me know which one u think is better for her.
  2. I think either one would be lovely for her :smile: A Chanel wallet will always be in style and they are so beautiful, but I've heard that Vuitton wallets holds up a bit better. There are many Chanel ladies here who have Vuitton wallets because of this! But I think she will be so so happy with either one of them, good luck :smile:
  3. LV wallets hold up better.

    My favorite LV wallet is the vernis zippy wallet
  4. I have both LV (vernis & monogram) and Chanel wallets, and I love them equally. It really depends on personal preference. The only thing that might sway the decision either way is that LV wallets are generally more durable than Chanel wallets:

    FWIW LV's amarante is a gorgeous color and I prefer it on glossy vernis to the Chanel black caviar wallet (more subtle, understated... and dare I say boring!?).
  5. LV vernis zippy wallet is a good choice and many colors you can choose for your mom but it can be easily scratched if you want a more durable LV wallet, you can get the standard zippy monogram. I love that one too.
    Good luck!
  6. to be honest, when it comes to wallets, i only turn to LV... not only sturdy, but classic and understated for me is the Epi leather...

    btw, yer mom is so lucky to have such a sweet & thoughtful son! putting her need in 1st, and deferring yours! so touching :girlsigh:
  7. i agree as much as i love chanel - the LV lasts longer
  8. If the ladies here in the Chanel forum are recommending LV - then I say you would definitely have to go with the LV!!
  9. thank you ladies for your thoughts. I think I will go for LV. I've checked out the website & i found a few stuff that interest me as well. :P . I guess my watch need to wait a little longer cause i'm thinking getting myself a few stuff as well.
  10. the sarah or zippy wallet in vernis is an excellent choice. amarante is a nice choice!
  11. I always carried LV wallets, and they wore like iron, and I think your Mother will be very happy! What a wonderful son you are!:true:
  12. Ditto to everything all the ladies have said here. I own both, and my LV wallets take a lot of abuse and still look new!
  13. Please let us know what you decide to go with- and have to agree LV is better because it will hold up longer- and from the sounds of it; she carries her bags for a long time :P
  14. I recommend LV. When it comes to wallet, LV is better in terms of durability and functionality. Any LV styles would work.

    Your mom is so lucky to have such a great son.
  15. I love LV, a cross body would be nice when you're busy shopping and you don't have to worry about where you left your hand bag.