which one should i choose? and why?

  1. Chanel Black Caviar Medium Flap

  2. Lv Tivoli GM + Lv mc wallet + Misc. Lv Bag

  3. LV Tivoli GM + Bbag (don't know which one yet)

  4. OTHER... please explain

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  1. i have a choice of a BEAUTIFUL chanel medium flap or 2 LVS PLUS a wallet or 1 LV, 1 BBAG

    i do need a new wallet. I currently have a long gucci wallet, but it is getting old, its about 2 years old now.. what should i do?!?!? my bf already purchased the chanel medium flap, its my first chanel piece. I have couple lv pieces, a few guccis, and one dior... i don't know if i should return the flap and get these other bags.. i have been eyeing the tivoli, and will DEFINITELY get it as soon as its out, and that's only in 2 days.. what to do.. what to do!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

    please help me choose!!! and state why!
  2. Chanel, I think it'll go with everything.
  3. hmmm i'm not familiar with the tivoli, maybe u can post pic so people who's not familiar with those can help with ur poll better :yes:
  4. chanels are absolute classics and if you dont have one now is as good a time as any.

    on the other hand, if you already have a lot of more classic stuff then go with one of the other choices.

    (also, i personally really want a medium flap... can i live vicariously through you?)
  5. Chanel - just because when you've got bags that are IGNORED- it's frustrating- it's way easier to focus on one bag vs. so many you may NEVER use as much!

    + with Chanel prices increasing as fast as an elevator to the Bird's Nest- now's the best time to basically INVEST.

    Don't get me wrong- I love LV's like no other- but these possible price hikes are scary and prices NOW need to be taken advantage of.
  6. I say chanel, you'll never go wrong with it :smile:
  7. sorry.. i didn't take pix of my new bag yet. its still in the box with pretty ribbons, so i got the flap pic from the reference library

    Chanel Medium Flap w/ silver HDW

    TIVOLI GM (out nov. 3rd)

    Balenciaga Giant City * dont know what color yet *

    LV multicolore wallet
  8. the reason why its sooooooooooo hard its because its
    ONE bag VS. 2 Bags VS. possibly 2 bags + accesorries!!

    but i should think quality over quantity i guess
  9. Yes, Chanel is classic and forever. But it is not an everyday bag, my humble opinion. I vote for LV Tivolie and BBag (a darker color). Instead of getting one Chanel, you could get two gorgeous bags -- a LV and a BBag.

  10. My thoughts exactly...but my style is more casual. :smile:
  11. Much as I love my classic flap, I would go for the LV and the Balenciaga. My Chanel is the jumbo classic in black caviar and it's just not an everyday bag, plus I never carry it in the summer because it seems winter-y to me, so I'm only using it about 6 months out of the year, which seems like a waste.
  12. i'd go with the chanel :yes: i love the flap style
    as the LV, i don't really like it and the balenciaga, i like the regular hardware not the giant.

    but the MC PTI is beautiful! i have the one in black and it really goes with everything :p
  13. I think go with the Chanel or the LV
  14. thanks for all your input guys.. i LOVE the chanel and i think i am gonna keep it, only because i don't own any chanel pieces and i don't have any evening bags or dressy bags. definitely gonna get the tivoli when it comes out though. its sooooooooo beautiful, and a great tote bag
  15. I would say Chanel...timeless and a classic