Chanel VS. Lanvin Flats


Aug 4, 2006
2 Star Town
Hi ladies!

I am looking to buy a new pair of black flats (right now I just have a pair of plain black Loubs) and am trying to decide between a pair of classic Chanel flats or a pair of Lanvin flats in plain black leather (not patent).

I have tried on both but don't know how they are comfort-wise after wearing for awhile.

To those that own the classic Chanel flats and Lanvin flats in plain black leather, which are more comfy in the long run and do either require breaking in? Also, which are better quality-wise? The Lanvins are made in Portugal which is interesting since they say made in Italy on Barneys site but the pair I tried on were made in Portugal lol...The Chanels appear to have very high quality construction.

Lastly, if I go with the Chanels, should I go w/the quilted black pair or the patent cap toe pair? I am leaning towards the quilted ones. And- what size should I get? I wear 9.5-10 US and tried a size 41 in them and they seemed ok- if you wear a size 9.5-10 US what size do you get in these particular Lanvin or Chanels?

See pics..(photo credits: Damian Oto)

TIA for any opinions! ;)



May 1, 2007
41 in either brand. I don't have any Lanvins but my Chanels are great. From what I have read, the Chanels are much sturdier. The Lanvin is like a bedroom slipper....comfy but very thin.


Take That
Dec 22, 2009
I have three pairs of Chanel flats, beige with black toe, Fall 09 flats with the ruffle and a pair of quilted black flats with a rubber sole and the black CC. The flats with the rubber sole are by far the most comfortable. The toe area is more rounded and roomy and the rubber sole seems more comfortable and has more of a grip. I feel like I am sliding around with the others.
As for breaking them in, I had to a little bit but what worked wonders for me is keeping those cedar shoe stretchers in them. It does all the work for you and keeps their shape.

I am also interested in Lanvin too but I don't know if they would be as comfortable. They seem really flat without not much of a sole.


Take That
Dec 22, 2009
Gerry how are Lanvins for walking around in? Would you recommend them as comfortable walking shoes?


balenciaga lover
May 1, 2008

Until I see a modeling pic of the Chanels, I'd say stick to Lanvins. Don't know if I like pointy-ish toe.


Aug 3, 2006
I find Chanel to run narrow but my feet are a bit on the wide side. I don't own the style you want, I own the style with the elastic throat and cap toe. I agree with this review of them.

I own a few pair of Lanvin and I absolutely LOVE them. They are so comfortable, they have a hidden heel that I love and if you take them to a cobbler to put a protective sole on them they will last a very long time. They are not delicate at all, it's just that the soles are notorious for wearing down quickly. I find them to be the most comfortable flats so I prefer Lanvin.


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
I LOVE, LOVE the Chanel quilted flats... I own those as well as the black/black patent cap toe pair. I also own Lanvin flats. Hmm, as far as comfort goes, I think the leathers Lanvin flats are quite comfy. If I just wanted one pair of black flats though, I would definitely pick the quilted Chanel ones. Leather Chanel flats are very comfy and just so chic. The quilted ones are, IMO, even comfier than the black/black patent ones. I do like the understated look of Lanvin flats, but aesthetically speaking, the quilted Chanel ones take the cake for me. :love:

With respect to sizing, I wear a 38 or 38.5 in Lanvin and with Chanel, a 38 or even a 37.5. I'd say Chanel is more TTS or a half size small, whereas Lanvin is definitely a half to a full size small. Good luck deciding! :flowers:


May 14, 2006
San Francisco!
I have both and I have to say that they are two very different styles of flats.

I have 2 pairs of Lanvin flats that I reach for nearly every single day because they are "casual" and THAT comfy. No need to break them in. They wear well first time around. The Chanel flats are more "classic" and "elegant" - you could wear them with a nice dress to go to dinner.

In terms of construction - I say they are about the same. You need to get vibram soles on both the Chanel and Lanvin to get the longest life of them. With the Vibram soles, I've worn both my chanel and Lanvins for over a year and they're still in pretty good shape.

If you do choose the Chanel, get the lambskin leather because I dont' find chanel patent leather to be comfy at all!


Hermès Hottie
Jun 17, 2009
this question has been asked a lot.
i love both chanel and lanvin flats.
lately i lean towards lanvin for comfort.


Take That
Dec 22, 2009
Would you recommend Lanvin for walking around New York City for a weekend? I am going in June and I need something comfortable that I can use all day long.


Bargain Hunter!
Aug 25, 2008
Lanvins. Though the satin ones can be very delicate. I have a pair of black patent ones and they are crazy comfortable.


Oct 1, 2006
Would you recommend Lanvin for walking around New York City for a weekend? I am going in June and I need something comfortable that I can use all day long.
yes, definitely.

that particular style of chanel flats aren't for me. maybe when i'm older, but i find them a bit matronly.

newer lanvin flats ARE made in portugal. everything from FW09 onward.

have you considered the chanel flats with the elasticized throat in the same style as the lanvin? i know NM bought them this season. i believe they are $595.


Take That
Dec 22, 2009
The elasticized part worries me since I have a high arch, it would probably irrate my foot. I like the look of Lanvin and I saw on one of the other threads a really cute picture of a cranberry pair of Lanvin flats. I know I've seen that pair in downtown Toronto. I think the Canadian price is about at par with the US price.