Chanel vs Lancome

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  1. Both expensive. Both have skin care lines - which, in your opinion, is more effective?

  2. I mix them.
  3. I haven't tried much of Chanel's. Just because I have like LOADS of Lancome stuff in stock inside my closet from all the gift with purchases.

    Can't go wrong with Lancome's gel cleanser. Smells awesome and is rather awesome in general. :smile:
  4. I haven't tried Lancome skincare but I can say that the stuff I've tried from Chanel is awful. :s I like Lancome makeup more though.
  5. I second that! I have used Lancome cleansers for years. I work in kitchens (hot, greasy, gross) and they clean up my skin without drying it out.
    Highly recommended
  6. I prefer Shiseido to either
  7. How does Shiseido compare in price?
  8. I don't use any of their skincare products but I'm dedicated to Chanel's make-up.:tup:
  9. chanel for make up and Lancome for skincare
  10. I love Chanel cosmetic packages and no idea about Lancome. I'm allergic to some of its products so I will never use Lancome again.:tdown:
  11. closer to Lancome pricing than Chanel.
  12. I prefer Chanel!
  13. Yeah, it's close to Lancome's pricing. I'm not a big fan of their stuff though. Actually, I've been quite disappointed. Especially with their eyeliner. I wouldn't even use it if I was given it for free.
  14. Chanel makeup and Lancome Skincare products... ;)
  15. I've tried them both, but Chanel's so heavy! And a lot of Chanel's is anti-wrinkle and all, nothing for my age. I use Lancôme Hydra Zen right now and it's the best I've ever tried!