Chanel vs. Japan

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  1. Here's my dilemma. I hope you guys can help me out. I'm going to Japan for a holiday in about 3 weeks. But i've got a bad case of Chanelitis at the moment. My SA told me that they've just received a HUGE order so i'm planning to pay them a visit this weekend. I want to get get either the medium flap bag or the reissue 2.55. The problem is if i buy a bag now, i wont be able to shop in Japan. So what should i do? To Chanel or not to Chanel...:confused1:
  2. Is there tax in Japan? Because I know Hong Kong theres no tax. If thats the case you should wait to get a better deal. I remember going back to Asia there were so many more different style handbags availible before it even got to the US. Good luck.
  3. If you're going on a trip to Japan, I'd better save up first for the Japan trip coz' I might see something I love there!
  4. Thanks for your advice. Is there anyone from Japan or has bought Chanel from Japan? Is is cheaper than the US?
  5. Go for yr trip.....
    Japan's branded stuff is not cheaper than US....but their style/design..are "pretty" different (from magazines)
  6. I would save up for Japan. It should be relatively easy to find some more classic flaps when you get back to the states. My guess is that Chanel is more expensive, at least not cheaper, in Japan. Most luxury goods are overpriced there.
  7. Hmm...I would get the bag. Since you can claim the tax back if you buy the CHANEL before the trip. CHANEL in Japan is expensive than here in Australia, so you may wanna think about it....
  8. Go to Japan. The choices is more.
  9. I'd save up fro japan :biggrin: THere'll be shopping orpportunitie there that you wont haveb ack in the states andh ow often will you go to japan?? the flap is a classic you can always get it lateR!!

    Enjoy your trip :biggrin: :idea:
  10. Buying brand name stuffs from Japan are very expensive due to the import tax and sales tax. But there is always limited edition which is ONLY FOR SALE IN JAPAN ONLY. Check out the stores in Ginza and Omotesando.
  11. Thanks ladies. I shall be sensible and wait for Japan. That means i shouldnt go into Chanel this weekend then because i may be tempted :Push:
  12. I've been to Japan a couple of times. I can tell you that the designer bags in Japan are much more expensive than Australia. Japan has more variety of bags and styles. Also you have to consider the tax on top of the sale price. Probably a good idea is to call the Chanel store in Japan and found out how much is the tax and the price of the bag you would like.
    Otherwise the cheaper option is to go to the consignment shops if you know what your looking for.
  13. As BB said, you can buy the classic flap or reissue here and claim the GST at the airport BEFORE you leave Australia..

    The downside is that you'll have to take it out of the country with all the packaging etc..

    You could ask Chanel whether they can seal the handbag with just it's dustbag, and give you the giftbox (if you want it) separately. Then you can keep the giftbox at home, while you just take the actual bag w/dustbag through customs
  14. As everyone has said, Japan is HEAPS expensive than Australia and you only get 5% tax off.. (sales tax is 5% in Japan)

    However, they have a huge range available compared to Australia.

    The Chanel store in Ginza is like 7 levels and it's so busy.
    i bought my Modern Chain Tote N/S from the Ginza store
    as i wasn't going to hope that Sydney will have any on the floor..

    I would personally save up for Japan (i'll be there on Monday!! :yahoo:)

    But i also suggest you have a look at the consignment stores.. They are everywhere and may pick yourself a bargain!!

    However, check Aust prices before you go so u know how they compare to the Jap Prices.
  15. Don't forget the price of brandname bag in Japan is much much more expensive than the other places.