Chanel vs Dior

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  1. Which do you think is better quality? Chanel or Dior. I'm interested in getting a small diorama in black or keeping the Chanel caviar ghw Woc I just got. Opinions please!
  2. I have both and think they are pretty much equal in quality. The only difference I've seen so far is I find the Dior lamb to be more durable than the Chanel lamb.

    You didn't mention resale but Chanel holds its value better than Dior.

    Between the two, I would decide based on the style. I don't think you will have any quality issues with either one.
  3. I agree the craftsmanship should be equally excellent in both. I would choose based on style.
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  5. I don't have either bags but I have brands bags.

    I would stick with the one you've gone for first (Chanel) just because you may be second guessing yourself. I have a feeling if you went with the Dior you'd be thinking about Chanel again ;).
  6. I would keep the Chanel Caviar, due to its value, I think it's a much more classic bag than the Diorama.
  7. From what I've handled in stores, Dior has been quality control than Chanel across most of their line up. I'd take a python or suede diorissimo any day of the week.
  8. To be frank, Dior has far more superior quality than Chanel, but Chanel is a more popular brand so the resale value is better.
  9. Get what you love more.
  10. To be honest, Chanel quality has been on the decrease in the last several years. I have not seen the same issues with Dior. I feel now that Dior definitely wins hands down on quality over Chanel. I actually have a couple friends who were die-hard Chanel fans who have switched to Dior because they got tired of the decreasing Chanel quality. I have always been a fan of Dior over Chanel.
  11. For me it's a Chanel AND Dior. I don't see a reason to choose. I love them both! 😍
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