Chanel vs Dior Flat Card Holder Capacity

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  1. Hi! Could anyone advise on how many cards the classic Chanel flat card holder can fit after stretching out? And how this compares to the Dior flat card holder (pictured below) if anyone happens to own that as well?

    Am in a dilemma as to which to go for. I believe the Chanel one can hold more, but that microcannage on the Dior is to die for..!

    Thank you![​IMG]
  2. It can fit at least 3 cards. One front slot and two back slots. There is a middle section that u can fit more into but I'm too scared to stuff mine and stretch it out. I usually just tuck a $10 or a bill in the middle. HTH
  3. I don't have the Dior cardholder, but I have a couple Chanel classic flat cardholders and they hold a surprising amount. I have attached a photo of it "maxed out", with 3 cards in the outside slots and 7 cards in the center slot, but I don't generally carry that much in mine. I usually only have one card in each of the 3 outside slots and about 10 business cards, maybe 1 or 2 folded receipts and some folded bills (on the rare occasion I have cash) in the center slot. It is a great, sturdy little piece. The Dior cardholders in this photo appear to be patent or coated in some way, which may prohibit them from stretching as much. I am also not a fan of the charms on the Dior cardholders since they might scratch the interior of your bags. Good luck deciding! CCcardholder.JPG
  4. Wow, it fits a ton! This was really useful, thank you! Re the Dior cardholder, yes I managed to find someone who has it and she said the patent doesn't stretch out very much. It also only has card slots on one side (& only 2), so it really can't hold very much.. I love the look of the microcannage Dior cardholder more (I still do love classic quilt though!) but the Chanel one seems to suit what I'm looking for in terms of practicality.
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