Chanel vs Christian Dior

  1. i have to decide whether to buy a chanel black med bowler from their luxury line or a white med saddle gaucho.... i know they are both VERY different but i do like both but can only buy 1 cause i'm going to be a new home owner and need to pay mortgage:yucky: . Any opinions would be great
  2. I vote for the Chanel medium bowler from the luxe line ... it's definitely a classic and has more lasting power than the gaucho. The gaucho is very casual ... at least with the Chanel bowler, you could probably wear it casual or dressy. That being said, I have a medium gaucho in olive brown and I absolutely love:love: it!
  3. I would go with the Chanel Bowler. I think that bag can be dressed up or down - whereas the gaucho is more trendy and really only suited for casual wear.
  4. chanel!!! love the bowler
  5. Chanel, IMO the Goucho is a fleeting trend.
  6. Chanel is classic, get the bowler. :biggrin:
  7. chanel classic and beautful!!!!:biggrin:
  8. Chanel is timeless
  9. Chanel!
  10. CHanel
  11. Chanel! Dior always seems trendy to me.
  12. chanel or a classic dior not the guacho. I like it but its to expensive for a trendy bag. I just got a logo dior saddle bag in black and I bought the pink cambon bowler on sale. Let me know if you find the black cambon bowler on sale anywhere because I want it in that color too
  13. Chanel! The lux bowler is fabulous!
  14. Chanel hands down!I love the gaucho, but I adore Chanels above almost all else.
  15. i'm going to say: CHANEL - get the Chanel for sure!!!