chanel vs. chloe

  1. i am saving up for a new bag. but i dunno if i should get chloe paddington or a chanel large cambon tote .... :throwup:
  2. I will almost always say Chanel, but in this situation, I would go for the Chloe paddington. I just never really liked the Cambon tote.
  3. I don't know if there's a department store where you can try on a Paddy and a Cambon bag in Toronto...?

    Those are two different bags: the Paddy is soft leather and it's slouchy but with the lock, it's pretty heavy. The Cambon is more structured, has a more prim air, and it has a noticeable logo. Also, the Paddy comes in different styles, too. I think it's best if you try on the bags in person before buying so you'll know if they meet your expectations and your needs.
  4. My answer is obvious..I love the Cambon tote. It holds a lot and is really cute! IMO, the Paddington is kind of blah..just really not my style at all. But I do suggest you try them both if you can and see which compliments you the best.
  5. I agree, both bags are so different. If you can, try them on to see which feels right on you. Personally, I would go for the Cambon.
  6. I think you should try both bags and go from there. Chloe paddy is just not style and it's too heavy.
  7. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of either... the Cambon is cute, but the logo is a bit too much for me, and II hate how Chloe bags weigh a ton and that they often have silver zippers with the gold padlock!

    I'd try them on - their shapes are pretty different and you'll get a better sense that way what works for you.
  8. I prefer the Paddington over the Cambon Tote but only because I don't care for the tote style in the Cambon line. If you picked another Chanel bag it might sway my opinion! :biggrin: I love my 3 Paddingtons very much. They have their place in my collection just like Chanel.
  9. It depends on how much you carry around. If you are going to be lugging a lot of stuff with you, get the tote. The paddy is heavier so you shouldn't carry too much with you when you use it.
  10. I would say the cambon , but I have one so I'm partial . You can fit absolutely everything in it . I love mine , and the hot pink lining is TDF .
  11. I am not a fan of either...l. I never liked the cambon line and I hated my paddy.. it is just so heavy... its really up to you.... you could look at a different Chanel....
  12. thansk everyone for their input. but being very indecisive, i saw that teh LV suede collection is coming out with new colours, i might wnat that instead. arrgggg. >< i'm actually look for a bag, thats' non-flashy but when people see it , they will knwo its "something" lol
  13. Looks wise I like the paddy better than the Cambon.
  14. I would normally go for Chanel, but in this case go for the Paddy. The Paddy is a classic although I own a Cambon shopper myself. If it was a Chanel 2.55, it would be a different story.
  15. Personally, I would for the Chanel large Cambon tote. I think it's beautiful!:heart: