Chanel Virgin No More!

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  1. So,

    Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday. Yes, I know, Halloween is a weird day to have a I went to my aunt's house after dinner because she said that "She had a suprise for me & wanted to wish me happy birthday in person." So after a nice dinner out with my dad, I went to her house. There's a big gift bag sitting in the corner of the living room & she's like "See that over there? Open it. Go for it, girlfriend." So I did. What was at the bottom you ask? A CHANEL PURSE! Was I happy? YES! It's one of those Cambone black ones with the white CC's.
  2. ahhh! i got that for my 18th birthday present! ;) it's just so cute, isn't it? welcome to the CC club!
  3. Eee! I want your aunt...! Happy belated birthday and post photos! :smile:
  4. happy belated birthday! congrats on your first chanel! can't wait to see your pics
  5. congrats!happy birthday!
  6. Happy birthday. Congrats on your first Chanel.
  7. Happy Birthday!! Congrats and what a great Aunt
  8. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday! Congrats on your Chanel!
  9. Happy Birthday :balloon:

    Congrats on the Chanel - great gift.
  10. Congrats! What a great aunt you have! My fiance's birthday is Halloween too- so I feel for you- people asking YOU for candy on YOUR birthday is just not fair :P. Hope you had a great one (although it sounds like you definitely did!).
  11. that's such a great surprise!!! i hope to do that for my niece one day, too, but she's only 15 now.
  12. Happy balated birthday and welcome too!Congrats on your Chanel and for your sweet aunt!:tup::flowers:
  13. Happy belated bd and congratulations on your Chanel!!! your auntie is so sweet.
  14. Congrats and happy birthday!
  15. Happy BD and congrats on your first Chanel! I got my first designer purse (Chanel classic flap) from my dad on my 18th BD as well. That seems like a million years ago.