Chanel with sunglasses ? Please

  1. I am considering purchasing a pair of Chanel sunglasses:happydance: ...but I am clueless of names, styles, colors etc...:shrugs:

    Anyone own a pair..and have pics to post so I can see what different styles look like?:wondering

    thanks much!:winkiss:
  2. I would also try eBay - sort listings by highest price and usually the highest price Chanel's are authentic. But I'm only recommending you try eBay as a reference - don't buy unless you are sure of authenticity.
  3. I can say I've had mine for several months now and they hold up well, no scratchs.
  4. I have had mine for a while too (one a couple of years) and they are holding up great.
  5. I agree with smooth, ebay is a great way to look at styles, colors, etc. I just received a NM catalog and scanned this page. I kinda like them, but would have to see them in person. They retail for $350.
  6. i purchased mine from ebay when i found that the style i wanted was sold out in australia. i am trying to remember who i purchased from.. he is in NY and a huge sunglasses store - my glasses came with all the insurance/warranty forms and price tags still attached so i think he lists his stuff on ebay that is also in his shop.. and just posts them out. Anyway.. i cant recommend him enough.. his price was cheaper than the chanel RRP here.. and when i went back into CHanel the lady SA was won over too and wanted to buy a pair for herself.
    (this was a few years ago though)
    eBay: CHANEL 5045 LIGHT BROWN TORTOISE QUILTED SIL SUNGLASSES (item 260020097321 end time Nov-10-06 16:40:55 PST)
    mine are a dark brown though. sorry i cant remember the sellers name! i will have a look on my history and find out.
  7. I agree with the previous posts. EBay is an excellent reference, and you can see which style (and style #) you like. However, you really need to try them on before buying them. They all fit extremely variably. The style you like may not fit your face.

    I have a flat nose with a miniscule bridge, and most of the awesome styles don't fit me without looking plastered on my face.

    You can go to and find a nearest optical/sunglass location and see if they have what you want in stock. Once you have that done, you can shop around for the best price.

    Good luck!
  8. thanks everyone for all your help...:flowers: