chanel virgin approaching a bday-- help please!

  1. Never purchased a Chanel handbag before. I'm pretty exclusive to LV, but I'm so tempted by the legendary luxeness (that isn't a word, but pretend it is) of Chanel bags... And, as my birthday is coming up, I'm thinking of taking the plunge with a first purchase.

    I'm looking for something on the larger scale-- tote or Cabas style. Something I can carry over the shoulder. I'm generally opposed to hobos. Prefer leather to vinyl. For reference, my current fave bag is an LV Chelsea, which is hugeeee.

    I went for a quick look tonight at my local NM and Saks armed with some knowledge gleaned from PF... From what I saw, my favorite so far is a black/silver chain GST. I like the look of the black cerf, but the drop is just too short and I do not have an overly skinny arm. I need a strap at least as long as what's on the GST to carry the bag over my shoulder.

    At the same time, I don't want to be limited to the stock at my local dept. stores... You ladies possess a massive amount of Chanel bag knowledge! Any styles or recs that come to mind that might fit my bill?

    Thanks in advance! :wlae:
  2. Hi and welcome to the world of Coco!!! by your description of your wants and needs, i would say that the black GST is PERFECT for many of us own it and adore it. Its classic, yet not "conservative/stuffy", beautiful, timeless, functional, goes with everything, and very durable in the caviar leather. Its a great way to start your collection. Also the big Cambon tote, which also has silver h/w, and is a vintagey distressed leather...and has the CC on the side in the same color as the bag. Comes in black of course, as well as a few other colors. I bought mine in Feb. or Mar. for $1995 - do not think price has increased. but, all in all, i think the GST is calling your name............:yes:

    PS Oh! i forgot about the stunning Expandable should search for pics in this forum, it is TDF....its a perfect Chanel bag..........comes in black, chocolate brown, winter white...........and tan
    and happy birthday!
  3. The GST just isn't comfy to me b/c it slips off my shoulder, so I will never be able own one :sad: Given that fact, I vote for a jumbo classic for your first. I never thought I would be into the classic flap, but it has become my fav! I def recommend 'trying' on the style even if you have to call around to get your perfect match. Good luck and can't wait to see what you decide on!
  4. Happy early birthday! I would vote for a jumbo classic too :heart:
  5. Happy Birthday and I also like the Jumbo classic