Chanel VIP Totes?

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  1. #1 May 11, 2018
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
    Can someone explain to me all these "VIP" Chanel totes I'm seeing on eBay and other online selling sites? It's black fabric with a CC logo and "Chanel" word on it with a chain strap? I've never seen anyone reveal or post them on here before?

    I just had someone ask me if i wanted to "Trade" those VIP totes for an exchange with an item from my closet on poshmark (worth $100) . She said they are exclusive in Asia. I'm not familiar with Asia, buying, purchasing or receiving gifts from there. TBH, i don't buy anything unless it's directly from the store, but i'm just generally curious
  2. I’m curious about this too! It might be
    Possible. I only say this because a LONG time ago, I saw Coach fans somewhere and it was for Asia. I even used to work at a Coach store and had never seen them before. I asked my friend who worked for Coach corporate at the time. She asked around tand was then able to get me some Coach fans with different cc logos on them. They were super cute. So maybe CHANEL does gifts in Asia. Will keep an eye on this thread if others reply
  3. Oh the Coach fans produced in Asia was 1 of the donation gifts in collaboration with breast cancer awareness month.

    As for the VIP totes, I’ve not seen them till now thou. Maybe other VIPs in this forum might have..
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  4. IMG_6903.jpg

    Did you delete this photo? Anyway the bag in this photo CANT be real. Fonts are way off. I personally think there are many of such nonsense fakes out there
  5. If I had a dime for every time I saw a fake being sold as a "VIP gift"...I'd have enough to buy a new Chanel bag. I've seen it with jewelry, bags, totes and even shirts. I don't know about the item you're referring to specifically but I can say it's a common 'strategy' :sick:
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  6. Haha because its so fake they cannot pass it off as anything else[emoji23]

  7. yeah i did because i heard the admin won't allow authentication here. i really didn't think it was real either but she had an authentication letter from reality check authentications. which kinda of surprised me since i am an avid chanel person
  8. i really would not of believed it either but the authentication letter wasn't fake either. :hrmm: it wasn't photoshopped and had the watermarks, showing a picture of her hand holding the letter. i didn't know they gave authentication letters, especially for a very questionable VIP item?? she referred me to the owner of the authentication site for verification. :hrmm::hrmm::oh::oh: hence my post
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  9. since you posted my 'deleted' picture, i thought i might as well share the inside of the bag, the tag said "chanel inc new york, N.Y. 10019" . the button clasp had some weird random numbers/letters engraved?? but they still got an authentication letter??

    admin: please note, i am not asking for authentication. this post is for informational sharing and open discussion purposes only. please delete if not allowed. i am not responsible for what others post regarding their opinions
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  10. Sorry I reposted the pic cos i found it hard to reply with no reference...

    It is hilarious that anyone bothered to authenticate such an item. Lolz . Anyway what I know is...for chanel vip items, it will come with a proper serial no. Like what we see in their bags and the auth card to match it. Have they ever given bags? I really dont know
  11. #11 May 14, 2018
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    that is what i thought as well :hrmm: i might go show this to my SA and see what she thinks :amuse: i will update her response about the questionable VIP item here. tbh, i was actually really partly questioning myself, the authentication letter really threw me in a loop
  12. Following
  13. so my SA said "No. No.. Noooo" :shocked:

    the dead giveaway like i suspected was the grommets. i'm surprised about the authenticity letter still ?? :amazed::amazed:

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  14. i would be very cautious of any "VIP" totes items now
  15. Can someone please help me with this! Someone is selling this VIP scarf from chanel. Do you think it’s the real deal or just a fake ?

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