Chanel VIP Member

  1. I heard about this.. How to become a VIP though?
  2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!! spend lots with one SA and refer people, I would think thats a good first step.
  3. Like.. How much?? In one shopping only? Is it???
  4. simple. When they know you've got loads of cash and you're spending it with them!:graucho: I think it takes more than only buying handbags to be a Chanel VIP...
  5. Any benefits?
  6. are we sure there's truly VIP?
  7. I would like to think we are all automatically VIP's when we buy our bags at Chanel :biggrin:
  8. VIP card is very common in HK. This will allow you to have the previlege of 10% discount each time and be the first to view the collection at the beginning of the season and during sales. Normally you will have to spend a certain amount within 3 months to become a VIP. Of course each shop will have their own VIP policies / requirements .
  9. ^ r u serious there's a VIP card????
    and get 10% discount??
    wow..i have never heard that
  10. ^^^^I never heard of that before either
  11. Very cool!
  12. i've heard of it in singapore. my friend's mom is a VIP and she has to spend a certain amount every year to maintain it. i think she gets discounts on clothes or something.
  13. wow~~10% off for VIP in HK...but I think the designer bags in Asia place cost more than North America!
  14. Do you know how to be one?
  15. Costs more in Asia?? No I think you're wrong. The price is the same, the only difference is tax and the currency exchange, which makes it more expensive.
    Ah so it's different from LV huh? LV doesn't need us to spend A LOT in order to become LV Vip's member.