Chanel VIP Gift Bracelets! So cute!

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    This gift was not given to me by a Sales Associate, but I got it from someone who got it as a VIP Gift (someone who spent obviously way more than I do at Chanel, lol! I guess she’s earned it!)

    These are the rubber bracelets used for promotion or causes usually but I love them with the embossed CHANEL! So cute!!!

    They look and fit great. I think this will be a cute little Chanel thing to wear with athletic stuff and a black mini in the summer!

    Xoxo! #LVorDie IMG_1543890929.988602.jpg IMG_1543890944.672105.jpg
  2. Id wear that daily!
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  3. I always thought most / all of the VIP GIFT shenanigans was fake and chanel didnt in fact give stuff like this out. do they?
  4. Absolutely positively they give out VIP gifts :smile: I have gotten VIP gifts at LV, but never Chanel. Hopefully some other folks can chime in on their gifts!? #LVorDie
  5. Ya over the years a lot of fake “gifts” have been sold on line. I’m not commenting on what was posted.
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  6. Am I the only one raising my eyebrow at a "VIP gift" that costs a fraction of a cent? Chanel has to be trolling.
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  7. I love this! I like the black/white theme. Chanel does in deed give out VIP gifts. Last year I got a beautyfull Pink pouch
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  8. Yes!! To be able to get these gifts you are required to spend ridiculous amount of money in a year, so to be gifted with this kinda low quality stuff almost feels like an insult :shocked:
  9. They are cute!
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  10. Sorry for asking but did you received it from the Amsterdam boutique?
  11. I agree a rubber bracelet hardly seems to be a gift for someone they consider a vip. I would probably bust out laughing if they said here is your gift for spending thousands with us.
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    Ummm wow. I really hope that's not the actual VIP gift. Their VIP customers typically spend at LEAST high 5 figures for the year. In places like London or Dubai, the VIP customers would probably be in the 6 figures or more for the year.

    So if I dropped ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS at a store and they sent me THAT as a "VIP" gift, I would make a beeline for Dior and Hermes in about 3 seconds flat and forget about Chanel and their bottom-shelf gifts.
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  13. I’ve got this dominoes and a hand cream with my last purchase...:hbeat:
  14. This is stunning! So great that you have an SA that is so appreciative of you! And thanks for the gorgeous pic
    Enjoy them in good health #LVorDie
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  15. Hi Bibi, I did not get it from the boutique. I got it at a VIP event
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