Chanel violet lambskin classic flap

  1. Saw it last week in Chanel window display, very very beautiful. I wish I have the money to grab one.. :crybaby:
  2. It's pretty :love: Thanks for posting!
  3. it's sooo pretty!! thanks for posting this, billbill!

    edited to ask: btw, where did you see this?
  4. Brilliant color... :love: Thanks for posting the photo!
  5. hi jennifer

    i saw it in the Chanel shop in Hong Kong, i guess it'll be available in US also. =)
  6. yup i saw it at southcoast plaza in the caviar as well just a few days ago! its lovely!
  7. Wow!!:nuts: :nuts:
    It's gorgeous!!!
  8. great colour, gorgeous
  9. I'd love to have a Jumbo in that color! Gorgeous!
  10. OMG.. i have not seen that color...when did it come out?... CAVIAR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ahhh... well i dont think maria my SA has been there because, shanon the other chanel specialist is a friggin retard i swear she never calls when there are new bags.... but i gotta get this bag!!! DEFF..
  11. Wow, that's a great color! :love:
  12. Oh my, that color is absolutely fabulous! It's sooo rich.

    Thanks for the pic Billbill!
  13. perfect color:biggrin:i love your bag.....
  14. That color is stunning..!!! :love:
  15. That is a beautiful color. Do you know what other colors will be available for fall in the classic flap?
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