CHANEL VINTAGE XL JUMBO and comparison pics

  1. ok i jsut got this yesterdaya nd im OVER THE MOON!! its soooooooooo hot!! ive taken pics of it next to my chanel jumbo for comparision and its just bigger and better.. i cant explin, pplt hat dont know chanel though think its weird ( this girl in my office said it looked fake) was very upset!!

    anyyywhoo i love it and my first ever chanel shoes....

    02122007417.jpg 05022006428.jpg 05022006420.jpg 05022006429.jpg
  2. [​IMG]




    Fabulous bag....wat a vintage find! Congrats:flowers:

    Love your ballet flats too, it's so cute:love:
  3. Great pics! Great XL jumbo ... don't you love its size? This is one of my all-time favorite Chanel bags!

    CONGRATS ... PS. take it as a compliment that ppl who DON'T know Chanel think it's fake. Those of us who do will give you that admiring smile when we walk past. :smile:
  4. heheh thanks guys...

    and thanks C for making the pics big i dont know how to do that!!

    as for the girl i know some ppl jsut know wht they see in mags and stuff rather than the vintage stuff...

    when did the vintage go out of production?
  5. Very nice vintage XL.. I've been scouring eBay for a good one.. wish me luck!
  6. [​IMG]

    LOVE THESE!!!!! Congrats on your XL!!!
  7. No prob, u are most welcome! I'm happy u found the XL jumbo, it's definitely a keeper:love:

    Hey, don't be upset abt the comments from the gal, she doesn't appreciate bags at all, how can she tell a difference btw fake vs real, she needs serious rehab HELP here at the purse forum....LOL
  8. Congrats..congrats! I have the same pair of Chanel flat and totally loving them! I bet u will too. And your XL jumbo is too droolicous. I am green with envy..enjoy.:love:
  9. She's gorgeous! Enjoy her! She's probably just jealous. And she obviously doesn't know vintage Chanel at all. I don't understand how you could think it's fake?! :shrugs: Congrats!!
  10. Amazing!!! Congratulations for your elegant purchases!!!
  11. your vintage jumbo!
    And can I ask where you got your flats from?
    Congrats and carry/wear the bag with pride!
  12. those shoes are adorable!
  13. FAKE???!!! What is that girl talking about??? Anyway, the bag looks fabulous and I agree, it is a statement maker "bigger and better" just like you said.
  14. Baby tall are you? Can you model your vintage XL bag? I'm 5 ft exactly and I just sold my vintage XL because I thought it was way too big on me. I'm hoping that I didn't make a mistake! Yikes! I saw your bag and I feel some regret creeping up already.'s a gorgeous bag!
  15. I am totally envious- I want a vintage jumbo in the worst way