Chanel Vintage Ligne

  1. I saw the classic medium in distressed calfskin in a Chanel store and love it. Does anyone own one and have a photo? I'm crazy about it but I'm not sure about buying one.
  2. I saw it last is beautiful.
  3. Thanks! But i can't find a picture of it anywhere....
  4. Ok, found it!!

  5. I Love That Bag And The Messenger Version Too...beautiful.
  6. It's Absolutely Gorgeous
  7. I badly want a reissue, but its not available here. Do you think this is a good alternative?
  8. What's retail for this bag please? Anybody?
  9. It's around $1780.
  10. May I add that it is sold out completely and there is one last piece on hold for me. That's why I am really pulling my hair out.
  11. Tammy D the Amsterdam Chanel store still has some reissues (they had grey and black 226)...unfortunately I don't have their phone number right now.I'm not sure where you are but maybe you could call them?

    I like this bag,but I wish that it didn't have the huge CHANEL imprint.And if it's really the reissue you want,maybe hold out for one of the fall bags?
  12. Me likey :love:
  13. Thanks so much! Amsterdam is too far away from here...:biggrin:
    I was told the new reissues would be in suede - I can't stand suede.

    I like this black one, but I'm really wondering if it will be a classic. Do you think it is?
  14. Oh it'll definitely be a classic Tammy...there's nothing about it that will date.

    Suede reissues?:sick: :yucky: Boy am I glad that that's just a vicious rumour!!
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