Chanel Vintage Jumbo vs Jumbo XL

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Jumbo or Jumbo XL

  1. Jumbo

  2. Jumbo XL

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm looking to purchase a vintage Chanel bag.
    I can't decide between the Jumbo size or the Jumbo XL.
    I read somewhere that the Jumbo XL loses shape and depuffs faster, is this true?
    Which bag do you guys prefer?

    btw, how do I tell which series vintage bags are from?

  2. Hi dear,
    You should think about size! Many times people think maxi is too big or jumbo too small once wearing it! Maxi has softer leather and about less puffy.. It depends on bag condition as a vintage one when you'll decide to buy it! When very good cond it will be so soft and so puffy! Jumbo has less soft leather and diamond quilting keeps good shape longer but about " all bag shape" , sides mostly, maxi keeps it better! If You choose maxi you can put inside more stuff than the jumbo! Both bags are lovely, You won't be disappointed in any case!
  3. Either size is a good choice. A few things to keep in mind when deciding....the XL Jumbo was only made in lambskin leather with gold hardware.
    Vintage jumbos are mostly lambskin but there are a few caviar versions out there. They are very hard to find though. Older pieces always had gold hardware. Around 2000, you could start to find some with silver hardware.
    You can tell the approximate age of the bag from the serial number.