Chanel vintage bag has NO hologram?

  1. Hi! I recently picked up a vintage Chanel (late 1980-1995) drawstring purse, but is has NO sticker. The woman i got it from said Chanel did not have the stickers then. Is this true? Or has Chanel always had the hologram? Please help! I want to re sell, but only if I know this statement is true.
  2. It couldn't have been a late 80's to early 90's bag as they started using the stickers sometime in the mid 80's.
    It's either an earler 80's bag or it wore off, or it's not authentic.
  3. Thanks! Now i can go back and ask them for verification of the original Purchase date
  4. When I took my first Chanel bag to the boutique here in Chicago (at the Drake hotel), they said it was late 70's-early 80's and definitely authentic. It has both serial # and authenticity card. My understanding is that only VERY old bags (like pre-1970) do not have serial #s. The exact time period could be wrong, but this is my understanding.
  5. I know for sure that bags in the early 80's do have holograms.
  6. good to know! I've learned, or so I thought, on here that early 80's and older do not.
  7. I have a bag from the late '80s, which I bought at the Chanel Boutique (so I know it's real)... and I could never find a hologram.
  8. ^^^^^ That's interesting. I wonder if it fell out.
  9. I don't think so. I always notice little things like tags and labels, etc and I'm sure there never was one. Isn't it possible that late '80s bags did not have holograms?
  10. I would bring it to your Chanel boutique, or just call them and ask. That's what I did.
  11. how about vintage handbags that do not say "made in france" stamped on..??
  12. I have a vintage Chanel tote that has no sticker inside it and never did (there's no sticky area that looks like where a hologram might have been)...not sure what year it's from. Mine says "made in france" stamped in gold.
  13. I have a bag from 1989 and it has no hologram. One side of the purse, on the zippered compartment says "made in Italy" inside an oval, stamped in gold. The other zipper compartment reads, "CHANEL®"
  14. The ones I have seen, had the holograms. The 80 bags hologram started with 0's, and the late 80's early 90's a 1. I don't know, maybe a few where not put on.
  15. I've seen authentic Chanel bags that are made in both France and Italy. I also think somebody on tPF said they saw one made in Spain but I've not seen it and would question authenticity.