Chanel Vienna, Austria - anybody?

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  1. I really need a tel number of the Chanel store in Vienna, Austria. The one listed on chanel website is missing two digits. Please let me know if you know it, and if you have an SA there, that's even better! Thank you!
  2. Still missing two digits :sad:
  3. The phone number is +4315361812. Good luck!:smile:
  4. Great! Thank you!
  5. How are the stock levels in Vienna? I'm hoping to travel there soon.

  6. So Good absolutely everything you could ever want!! ALSO AMAZING SA's :heart: :heart: :biggrin::graucho:
  7. I am a little bit dissapointed with Vienna store, no classics at all.
    I would Like beige woc or beige flap but they don't have it. Vienna store is the closest store from where I live but all of my chanel bags were bought somewhere else (paris, dublin)

    Has new store opened already?
  8. That's awesome. Do you have the contact info for a good SA there?

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    IMG_1475227224.667974.jpg IMG_1475227235.285100.jpg IMG_1475227245.414873.jpg IMG_1475227256.856084.jpg IMG_1475227268.834605.jpg IMG_1475227278.454218.jpg

    Some of the bags and Slg from today. I didn't ask about m/l or jumbos. I was looking mainly for minis, wocs, or boys. No espadrilles either

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  10. No light colored ones only the square purple and the pink one with the crystal peace signs. Those were the only two minis in the store
  11. Thank you!
  12. i'm going to visit vienna this december. any info for the timeless classic price? how much would be the vat?