Chanel veterans only


May 12, 2014
Rochester, New York
For those of you who used to buy chanel when it was "reasonably" priced and sales were more prominent (there use to be a chanel outlet!). Have you bought a chanel recently after the price increase? Do you find it harder to take the plunge since you bought a jumbo for $1600 or $2400... How do you justify it or what are your thoughts about chanel now?

Just curious... If you've moved on from chanel or you'll pay the extra even though you use to get it for so much cheaper... Whether the trend to carry a flap now is bothering you? All those Louis lovers are coming over to Chanel...

When replying please give the year you first bought chanel and what price you paid.

2000, approx $1600 for black Jumbo caviar ghw


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Apr 13, 2012
For those of you who used to buy chanel when it was "reasonably" priced and sales were more prominent (there use to be a chanel outlet!). Have you bought a chanel recently after the price increase? Do you find it harder to take the plunge since you bought a jumbo for $1600 or $2400...

Just curious... If you've moved on from chanel or you'll pay the extra even though you use to get it for so much cheaper... Whether the trend to carry a flap now is bothering you at all?

When replying please give the year you first bought chanel and what price you paid.

2000, approx $1600 for black Jumbo caviar ghw
I guess I am in this category (although I never shopped the outlet...drats!). I have bought not only since the price skyrocketed in 2009-2012 but also after the most recent increase in May. I'm not happy paying way more than 2.5 times the price of the first M/L classic I bought (although I don't have to pay a premium anymore for lambskin, which I did for the first one), and I do wish I'd bought more classic flaps, but I was also interested in fun seasonal bags which cost more at that time. I definitely find it not "fun" to spend $4900 to $5400 on a bag that cost me ~$1700 (my first M/L) or $1999 (my first 2.55).

I still love Chanel, but I also love Dior (as I always have), and I just don't see myself moving to the orange side, as I think the *heresy here* B's are too heavy for me. I'd only do a K with a strap, but I just don't feel the pull in that direction. I'm the odd one out in that respect. If I want top of the line leather, I can get it from Dior, as they also have handmade bags. I don't have to play games, and the bags are lighter (although some rival the B in weight, but I don't buy those in the larger sizes). I'll do an exotic Chanel or Dior (and have), but feel no desire to have an exotic B. I know the H's retain their value, but I'm looking for my own enjoyment value. I enjoy my Chanel and Dior bags. I also have the odd Leiber, Versace, Choo, Louboutin, Ferragamo, etc.

My first Chanel bag was bought in 2001 as I recall. I started with the classic black lambskin with shw and I still adore that bag. I am not one to follow trends; I used to start them. I wear what I like, whatever that may be. If the bag is popular in some places, good! That means more people are enjoying themselves with Chanel! It doesn't bother me, and most of the places I go, I don't run into someone wearing the exact same bag as I'm wearing on any given day. So I say, let the trends do what they want, I'll keep it mostly classy and classic and certainly stylish. :smile:


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Jul 22, 2006
I bought my first m/l in 2006 when it was $1595 for caviar and +$100 for lambskin. I have been priced out of retail Chanel since 2008.

I dont see myself buying new Chanels any time soon mainly because the prices do not seen justified. My current lifestyle and responsibilities dont warrant buying a B or a K as they are heavy and totally impractical.

Nowadays, i use Bottega Veneta and YSL as my day to day bags and my Chanels are reserved for special kid-free outings!


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Jun 4, 2006
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i guess i am in this category as well, i think the last chanel i bought is the coco cabas and that was 2006 or early 2007 for me? the vinyl was only 995 and the leather is about 1650
when i wanted the bag it wasn't in store anymore and i bought it from ebay above the retail price. and i was still willing to pay above the retail price for a chanel
now... i don't think i would want to buy new chanel bag anymore
i mean how can i justify the price? i ahve a 1996 classic jumbo flap in caviar which is still in GREAT condition, bought it pre-loved around 2004 i think for less than 1000$ and it still came with the box and the ribbon from the previous owner
and the quality to me is so much more refined than the new ones to my eyes

and typing this i can't believe that the last time i bought a chanel is 2007 WOW!

now i'm buying balenciaga (i bought my first one around 2004 and still buying them), also celine and LV. besides the over rated monogram on the LV, i see the price and the fact that i don't have to baby the canvas seems more logical to me


Nov 25, 2008
I bought my two classic flaps in 2008 or 2009. I paid $2600 or so for my caviar medium and $3100 for my black jumbo single flap, give or take. I did/do feel priced out.

That said, I bought a WOC last year; and recently purchased a mini and medium. Though I splurged on the medium because of the color, I couldn't get enough of it. I probably won't buy another bag....doesn't seem right.

I also remember when Birkins were $6K, and I thought they were too expensive back then. I just looked up current prices last night. Wow.

Oh, and I wear a $60 tote bag bag to the office. It's my go-to bag without question.


Jun 9, 2008
Washington DC Metro Area
Yes, I'm Chanel veteran and it does hurt to pay $$$$$ for the newer models but I how can I resist the "boys".... I purchased my first Chanel (seasonal) in 1996 for $950.00. My first flap for $1295.00 in 1999. My latest Chanel was a Boy for $4,600...for my 51st Birthday this month....


Oct 21, 2013
I bought my first Chanel (GST) in 2006 for $1650. I have 5 Chanel bags, none of which are a classic flap. I would love to have one, but I do not want to pay the $. I would prefer to purchase a Kelly - pre owned or new - I feel it would hold its value better. I have a B40 and love her. I suppose I have moved on. I see so much Chanel now. It just doesn't seem as special. I've turned to Celine and Dior too. These brands are much more rare where I live.


Apr 25, 2007
It's actually a lot more painful to see it 2x 3x it was when i first got mine. Classic flap M/L in '05, wasn't like breaking the bank. And to have it triple from where it was now, it definitely strayed me away a bit. But if were to purchase in Europe, it is not as bad as purchasing it in USA. Even with the VAT refund, the classic flap was cheaper than the USA price.

I purchased the WOC, just recently for $2100, but even then it seems a bit unjust because less than a decade ago, the classic flap was less than that.

I have a few B35's and i love them, they are a bit in the heavier department, but for the price of the B I think it's just. But for Chanel, it just seems like it's overly priced, for something that almost everyone has.

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Jul 4, 2007
I find it very difficult to buy Chanel now as my first flap was around $900 back in 1990. Wow, that was a looong time ago.

My last flap was purchased in France back in 2005 or 2006. I have since moved on to the orange side.

I should say that many name brand items are way over priced, not just Chanel.


Dec 29, 2009
I watched Chanel for years after someone I knew had a cute lamb skin mini with the tassel in the early '90s. I wanted one but couldn't justify paying that much money for a purse that was twice my rent! In 1998 my mother was nice enough to buy a black caviar mini with GHW for me and the cost was $950. To this day I love that little bag. In 2009 I started buying more Chanel bags but after a change from working in high level corporate jobs, and just life, I decided that it was nice to have but not necessary. I did what I needed to do and also found that another brand suited my style more so I made room for Celine! I admire Birkins when I see someone with one but I've never considered buying one!


Dec 7, 2013
First Chanel bought in 2006---timeless tote for €1500 odd that I ended up giving to my mum as I thought it's too 'mature' for me. Then a Cambon shoulder bag the next year or so for ~€1200.

Had a 7 year hiatus (I was just too busy as 'life' took over and the nearest boutique to me is either a 3 hour drive away or an hour's plane journey). Bought a seasonal medium flap for USD 4500 AND subsequent import duties that made me feel a bit ick.

I love the bag(s), no doubt. But part of me does feel guilty for spending that much on a handbag. I don't think I'll get more so soon unless I win the lottery and have my house renovation and extension done! Priorities, you see... ;)


Dec 22, 2009
i love the Chanel that i have, but honestly, i feel silly and sort of taken advantage of to buy a flap for over 6,000 including tax. the beauty of Chanel (imo) is that it just gets better with age - i love and cherish what i have. the only items i've bought now are small leather goods, which i just adore and a accessories, like aviators and pearl necklaces - also love the nail polish. i mean, Chanel is a business and they are charging what the market will bear, so can't really fault them - even with that - here in nyc, the classic flap is so prevalent - i just have my Maxi chevron lambskin (purchased some years ago) - i like wearing it b/c it's different. i wonder just how high the prices will go? wow :nuts:


Aug 18, 2012
My first purchase (not my fist Chanel) was in 1997 - 4 series, a black Caviar tote. I cannot recall its price.

My last Chanel purchase was this year, 2014 - 19 series, a patent Paris-Dallas WOC ($1,825+Tax). I am on a waiting list for a reissue 227 ($6,000 + Tax), which will likely be my last reissue.

I have a number of Chanel seasonal and classic bags (and wallets) together with bags from other brands. I think that after the purchase of my last reissue, I will be done with Chanel.

Though, the major problem with this brand is that there is always 'one more' or the 'last one' to buy. :smile:


Jul 24, 2009
Caution!!!! Long response.

I would imagine that I am also in this category. I started my love affair with Chanel in the late 70s. I got my first as a gift from my aunt in LA and remember many family members thinking it was so expensive paying hundreds of dollars for one bag. I coveted that bag since I thought it was precious, a gift from an aunt I truly adored and admired. It was a medium with sparkly gold hardware.

Fast forward to the late 80s and 90s. I used my Chanel bag sparingly back then for special occasions since I was in undergraduate and graduate school traveling throughout the US in dorms and apartments.

I always stated that I loved Chanel when it was not a trendy, marketable, or fashionable. I have never been defined by others.

I bought a black lamb mini for 435.00 in 90s, shoes that cost around 200.00, and a lamb backpack that I still love for around 400.00. I bought things as time permits. I became very busy starting a business/practice and family obligations. I bought small/medium camera bags with the glorious tassels and a tote bag with the gold balls on them and attached little purse in the 90s for under $1000.00.

Then the next decade approached (2005/6/7) and I purchased GSTs for around 1,600, a WOC for 650.00, medium caviar wonderful dark beige for under 1,400, jumbos (patent, caviar and lamb) for around 1,695.00 I was also buying shoes and I noticed the marked increase in shoes in my mind. I paid over double for my shoes in 2005/6/7 for about 410.00 and 435.00.

I continued to buy Chanel until 2012. I have amassed a collection that I am comfortable with. I bought caviar maxis for 2795.00 in 2009, re-issue and jumbos for 2350 in 2008. And later my Crayola collection of colors in 2010C collection of beautiful reds, bleu roi and patents ranging from 2795, to around 3125.00 My large 227 lamb reissue in 2010/11 was around 3,700. I have a host of wallets, CC holders in all leather fabrications that varied form 300.00 to 1100.00

GSTs in 2007/8/9 ranged form around 1600 to 1800to 2140.00. My 13 classic (caviar, patent, and lamb) WOC collection ranged from (650.00, 1295.00, 1395.00, 1495.00) to my last and current favorite 2012C patent aqua green 1775.00.

I stopped purchasing in 2012 because of price and fulfillment with my collection. I have given the Cambon collection to one of the girls amongst a few others. I have not sold many (2 to friends) and rotate them according. One day I can wear a 30 year old to one that is a few years old (love the Chain Arounds).

I would not say I have graduated from Chanel to others. I have recently made some Hermes purchases. I have bought a 35 Indigo Bleu (Navy) Birkin GHW, a black 25cm SO Kelly, and am awaiting a special order 30cm Rouge Garance (Red) GHW exterior and Blue Paon (Teal) chevre mysore interior. I have also bought a host of SLGs in bright colors as my purse collection is a little more conservative ( my faves Red and Navy) Dark Beige/Camel/Caramel, and Black in all leather fabrications.

I would also like to comment that I notice all luxury brands have been going through various marketing and branding transitions. There have been various comments about the quality of various leathers, less than favorable customer service from SAs, less availability, craftsmanship discrepancies, and drastic or increases in prices in all brands including Chanel and Hermes. No one is immune. Good marketing, rebranding for a select target population--who knows.

Sorry for such a long response but I have been spending the last 2 months going through my closets and donating several hundred pieces of "must have" clothes that were gently used or never worn to various charities including Dress for Success amongst others. Life is ever changing and I no longer shop as much as I used to.

Please note the I am also estimated some previous purchase prices as I did not keep all receipts.


Jul 17, 2011
Hi there, interesting thread! Thanks for starting!

I am not sure whether I belong to this category, I started beginning of 2008...

My first Chanel was M/L black caviar/SHW for 1550 EUR in Apr-2008.

My first Jumbo (black lamb/SHW) was 1890 EUR in Oct-2008.

Unbelievable, compared to today's prices, especially outisde of Europe.

I did not stop buying Chanel the last 6 yrs even though I payed the double for my last MLs with 3100 EUR (until the last price increase).

For me, my first ML stood the test of time, I still love her and it is the only bag, I still wear after 6 years after purchasing it. All other bags from other brands were sold at ebay within shorter time periods...

I always sticked to classics (ML; Reissue 225 and 226 and classic minis) and I am very content with my collection.
Recently, I sold 5 Chanel bags at ebay with almost no loss in summary, so they hold their value very well, probably due to several price increases...

So, for me no regrets, still love my Chanel collection, but will not add too many new bags in the future as I feel that my collection is complete now...