Chanel Vamp Nail Varnish VS Chanel Black Satin

  1. Does anyone have any feelings about these colors? I'm into the black-nail varnish-chic look...:graucho:

    Does anyone have any information about how these colors look? I know the Vamp is a very dark rouge, and black satin, is well, black...but are there any thoughts or preferences?
  2. oooh, I love the dark rouge. . . so much more depth!
  3. I like MAC's nightfall best! its like a deep metallic black/grey very yummy!
  4. I guess I'll have to go deface my nails at the local makeup boutique with various chanel varnishes! ;) Thanks gals!
  5. I need to check out the Black Satin. I love Vamp. It's great on fingers and on toes. It's a very sexy color.

  6. oohhh...:nuts: , thanks Mocean! I'm gonna try that color, really sounds yummyy! I love Chanel Vamp, but I use the MAC version of the Vamp (because I get 40% off). It's always on my toes! :tender:
  7. Vamp- for sure!!!
  8. oo how fun - back in the mid 90's Chanel Vamp was ALLLLL the rage. I think I went through 2 bottles of it during it's prime time! I am excited - I love deep rich colors for fall!
  9. I'd love to see a photo of black satin IRL! :flowers:
  10. Vamp is nice, but I always thought it had too much red... I LOVED Very Vamp which came out later and had more "black" in the color--it was a GREAT super dark, black-red... I prefer Black Satin over Vamp. Vamp's just a deep red to me. I think Black Satin is more avant garde, but that's just my take.
  11. Can someone describe "black satin" to me? I can't find any photo's of it anywhere.

    Is it a matte black - or does it have any shimmer to it?

  12. Is Vamp the same as Rouge Noir ??
    Because i went to the Chanel counter about 1 month ago looking for a black polish and the darkest they had was Rouge Noir, which i havent taken off since i first put it on.. i :heart: it !!!! I usually apply about 3 coats so its super dark... Im yet to see Black Satin.. i imagine it to be beautiful though :nuts:
  13. OMG chanel has black nail polish? Always when I go and ask them they just stare and me....better go and check this out!
  14. I'm going to try OPI's lincoln park after dark instead...
  15. ^^That's a good color too--but it's too "purple" for me.

    I'd describe Black Satin from Chanel as a true "real" black with a very subtle slight silver shimmer. But it looks more like black shiny ink, for lack of a better description.

    Black Satin is a limited edition color from what I know, so if you're interested--go check it ou!
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