Chanel Valentine Heart Chain Bag should I part with it or not?

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 31, 2010
    Wanted to ask some of your opinions, I bought this bag in pink a couple of years ago at a 2nd hand store , I know I paid less than $1,000 for it. It doesn't have the box or dust bag or card . It is authentic and it is in very good condition. I never ever used it I just put it on the shelve with the rest of my other bags. I was browsing ebay tonight and noticed there were 3 of them selling for over $3,500 :woohoo:! I couldn't believe it! xxx but now am torn because it's "a collectors item" It's my only chanel bag I have , I usually buy LV or Gucci but now am in love with chanel but can't seem to afford them they are so expensive. Do you think I should hold on to it because it's a collectors item? and if you think I should sell it because I haven't used it the last 4 years? and really don't see myself using it , how much do you think I should start the bid at or put the reserve on it :confused1:
    Thank you so much for your advice
  2. If you don't see yourself using it, I think you should part with it to eBay since the bag is apparently rare and you can get good $$$ for it. Then you can use some of that $$$ to buy a brand new, better and bigger Chanel bag.
  3. If you're not using it, sell it and cash in on the Valentine's Day craze and put the money toward a Chanel bag that you love and will use.
  4. Thank you that's what I figured , it's not really a practical bag with the heart strap and the size is kind of small for me , I'm into big bags , LOL .I really want a caviar leather classic flap , a gst and dreaming about the maxi patent flap . Amazing how these chanel bags hold their value! :biggrin:
  5. OP, if you don't use it often or what I call "give it some love", then it's time to let it go.

    And the ones on eBay are seriously over-priced. I saw a damaged magenta one going for $2K plus..and it doesn't even have its authenticity card etc. Plus some of the v-day bags have been on the bay for a while because not too many people are willing to pay $3K for them. Please keep that in mind when you price it!
  6. IMO, if you are not using it, might as well sell and get a different bag you like. Although, this purse is very rare and very nice.

  7. Thank you , I'm gonna start the bidding at under $2k for sure , I think it's kind of ridiculous the $3k people are asking for it . I am gonna sell it and buy the Caviar Classic Flap :biggrin: which I will use every weekend! :yahoo:
  8. Yes, Panda has a good point! Good luck and have fun if you get the new bag!
  9. ^ I have to agree! i love the bag but now enough to pay 3k for it!
  10. yup I agree! Sell it, and perhaps get something more versatile that you'll use more regularly. Maybe a black or a beige flap?
  11. I say keep it OP! You may regret it later...when it becomes "vintage."
  12. Since you're now loving Chanel, I am sure there is other designs you're eyeing on right now? If you don't like the current one, I would suggest u sell it and get the money to get your new Chanel baby! ;)
  13. I would sell it. If your not using it and can get enough to buy another bag you will use then you should. As for it being a collectors piece, Chanel market is not exactly like the art market. Chanel is popular now but there was a time when you could buy authentic Chanel super cheap on Ebay, especially vintage. There was also a time when Cambon totes would sell for almost $1,000 over retail and now they sell for about $1,000. I highly doubt your bag is still going to be bringing that price in a year.
  14. My vote is to keep it. It's a collector's piece! The chain has never been replicated and likely will never will be.
  15. I wouldn't keep a bag just because it's considered a "collector's piece" to some. My opinion may be a bit biased though because I've never cared for any of the Valentine bags. Keep in mind, that if you sell it, you may not get as much as some of the others are getting because you don't have the Authenticity card. In general, I don't think that it's that critical to have an authenticity card, but if you're selling a collectors piece then I would think that a buyer would want the card too.