Chanel Valentine bag

  1. Hey,
    Does anyone own this bag? It's from the Valentine's collection! I love it and has been looking for it since forever! I finally found one on eBay and was going to buy it but someone beat me to it :sad: Since I don't live in the US or Europe, does anyone know if this specific bag is still avaliable anywhere in the US or Europe or can find it? And also what is the retail, does anyone know? Thanks so much for your help!

  2. This print has really grown on me. Wish I could help you, habibty!
  3. I already saw that but I'm specifically looking for the exact bag in the picture, it's light pink and i only want this shape.. I still want to know what's the official retail of it? :sad:
  4. habibty

    I think you can find it in the chanel store in Dubai, call them and find out..>PM if you want me to give you their number....I think its around the 4000 4500 Dhs
  5. hey shoog,
    i already spoke with dubai and they don't have it anymore :sad:

    thanks though!
  6. did you try both branches?
  7. i only tried the one in burjuman, can u send me the # of the branch.. where is it? thanks :smile:
  8. the other Chanel branch is in Wafi, actually it was the first Chanel boutique to open here....good luck and I hope U find it...The number is 0097143240464
  9. thanks! btw r u from dubai? it's so nice to see people on here from the same area (qatar & dubai) ;)
  10. yup i'm from Dubai and yeah i agree its nice meeting ppl from the gulf :smile:
  11. OMG i just called the Chanel in wafi city and they have one piece left so i reserved it.. it's 4140 dirham btw so around $1150 .. THANK YOU so much.. This is like my dream Chanel.. !!!
  12. wow cooool :smile:

    I'm glad that you found it :smile: Yallah you were meant to get it......they'll send it over to Qatar? DHL?
  13. thanks again, walla i cant believe i got it.. i was dying for this bag for the longest time.. im goin to go to aramex now and give them the money and they will bring for me so inshalla in a few days it will be here :biggrin:
  14. oops